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You're absolutely right. I meant in the realm of Fast Food, but I didn't really clarify that.

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"Then WE, not Apple, create the notion that Apple did something new, different and spectacular. Apple is the only tech company not frothing at the mouth to be the first to a milestone."

Definitely true in many regards. The iPod, AppleTV, iPad and iCloud are definitely good examples.

However, I feel that they are definitely frothing to be first at many things and it's when they're not that they over-design to compensate. For example, they were the first to: Drop Floppy Drives, Embrace Wi-Fi, and Drop the Ethernet Port (verdict is still out on that decision), the iPhone was like nothing before it and defined the current generation of Smartphone, and the Macbook Air created the Ultrabook category of computers.

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Agreed, as someone who's been a fan of the Microsoft Surface table for a number of years now (a fan in theory, as I could never afford one), it's even more confusing that their tablet name brings to mind a table.

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I was researching Fast Food trivia for the trivia night I run. So on that sheer coincidence, I know:

White Castle was the first to fast food, starting in the early 1920s. They invented the Hamburger Bun and developed the assembly line style kitchen, which de-emphasized the cook and emphasized consistency.

As for Franchising, it was Howard Johnson that started that in the 1930s.

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I have to agree with these sentiments. When I see a photo-comic, I skip it. Often I'll even avoid checking for site updates for the following week, as the travelogues almost always take up multiple days of posting. I have more or less the same issues that other people around here do, they seem rife with inside jokes, I don't know or care about half the people in the pictures, and they also come off a bit masturbatory. I don't intend any offense, but that's how I feel.

I'm sure you've been inundated with advice since this post, but I'll throw mine in anyway. Put the travelogues in the vault as bonus content, and find a reliable schedule that you can stick to. Find whatever combinations of days allow you to post consistently from week to week. Consistency is key.

That said, it's tough monetizing this stuff and you should be proud of what of you've done so far.

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"I think there is a separate sect of twitter users that really do want to follow say 25 celebs and 25 real friends and use it to keep those friends up to date on their goings on. Facebook seems to be the better place for this, but the behavior is present in twitter none the less."

I quit Facebook over privacy concerns (in both senses of: Facebook knowing too much about what I'm doing and my Grandma knowing too much about what I'm doing). So I use twitter as a place to update my friends on my going-ons because it's the second best place to do so (and god-forbid they find my livejournal). I also follow a handful of celebrities and strangers who have interesting tweets, yourself included.

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Where does one even get a Pink Limo for little girls?????

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Such is the manner of the Evil Fox Executive:)

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Yay! I heart the Evil Fox Executive and his hate-filled pineapple heart!

Other Employee cancellations throughout history:
2010: Futurama returns with new episodes and the original voice cast on Comedy Central. Trent Hartford becomes first Fox employee in Space and the first human in space without the protection of a spacesuit.
2008: While looking forward to canceling Dr. Horrible, he finds out it's a web exclusive. Pieces of Employee found scattered from Atlanta to Boston.
2005: Family Guy returns to Fox after having been canceled several years prior. Seth McFarlane is forced to sacrifice Norm Macdonald on an altar to avoid being eaten.
2004: Promised Wonderfalls cliffhanger instead ends up providing closure to the story and series. Half of an Employee winds up in a barrel over Niagara Falls.
1999: After massively celebrating the cancellation of Millennium before the actual Millennium, Evil Fox Executive is irate to find out that the show got some closure on the X-Files a month before NYE 2k. He first sets up the series The Lone Gunmen, to be canceled later. Then he locks David Duchovny in an Iron Maiden for nearly a year, forcing him to miss the first half of Season 8.
1989: After having his heart broken by Tracey Ullman a young Evil Fox Executive cancels her show. When he finds out that a spinoff survives, he makes a pact with the Devil to prevent Tracey Ullman from ever being successful again. The bodies of seven Fox employees are found, completely drained of blood and with their hearts removed.

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Do do do do-do Inspector Gadget do do do do ooo oooo
Go Gadget Gooooo!