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I remember my dad showing this to me when I was kid and I wept at the end. I could never stand to watch it again. There is a ton of interesting reading into the back story of the guys and aircraft, not much left of it these days.

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Imagine the logistically nightmare ferrying the Mars from Bristish Columbia to the National Navy Aviation Museum in Pensacola Florida later this year! There was a great episode of Mighty Planes on Discovery that featured the Martin Mars, what a workhorse.

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Its interesting when you start reading about different variants and the engines they got. A mk. of Lancasters were made with radials and even an experimental B-17 was made with Allisons (which may have been featured here?).

I thought it was pretty cool this particular Halifax was actually dropping supplies for resistance forces and not being used for its more well known role in Bomber Command, so I guess that sets it apart as well?

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By saying unique I meant that its such a rare aircraft compared to other WW2 bombers such as a B-17 and Lancaster (my brother and I saw all 4 Ontario Lancasters last September during this trip and the Windsor air show!). There is this Halifax in Trenton, and 2 in the UK and there is a group from Alberta looking for one that ditched off the coast of Ireland when it ran out of gas

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Here are my pictures

I always thought the P-63 would have made a good candidate, only one expermental one made with it though due to the demand for Merlins for Mustangs

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What I found so interesting about that plane was I used to have such a hard time coming up with aircraft that had a nose wheel and were Merlin powered (don`t ask why, but I often pondered that). Pretty interesting aircraft anyways! I think the only survivor is at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.
If you want to use my picture please feel free to do so, I may have another as well but just of the same side

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All in good time! Just submitted my National Air Force Museum of Canada post, then I`ve got the Canadian Air & Space Museum, then ill do the USAFM and maybe the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

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The real kicker is the USAFM now has 2 P-82s on display, I`ll be doing a post about my visit to that museum and I will be sure to include these 2 airframes. If your looking for more interesting reading there are 2 more under restoration to flying with the next 2 years.

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Didnt make it this time, sounds good for next time though!

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I was usually just set up a quick fight with a formation of 4 and attack, cant remember if you could load them with ordnance or not, I may report back!