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I work with people who display these symptoms all the time ... even wihout the influence of caffeine! LOL

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Hey there KL ... thanks for the feedback. If food didn't taste so good life would be much better than it is. If sin didn't feel so good, life would be much better! I think we'll be eating in heaven ... but not sinning! :-) PTL

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In my view, whether to allow commenting or not depends on one’s objective in having a blog in the first place. The decision to not have comments or, as in Joshua’s case, to allow them through a process of “hoops” which enable the blog owner to “hand pick” any comments that are displayed would suggest to me that the blogger does not have, as part of his objective, the creation of community.

Community, by its very nature, requires an element of the sharing and exchange of ideas through dialog/conversation. A blog that does not encourage public dialog/conversation is more of a one way street. That may be a desirable thing in some cases:

1. If the subject matter of the blog is more objective/technical than subjective/opinion.
2. If the blog owner feels obligated to respond to any contrary comments that take issue the views or positions contained in his posts … and doesn’t have the time or inclination to do so.
3. If the subject matter of the blog is of such a controversial nature that it incites strong reactions on both sides which tend to blossom into flame-throwing wars.

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I sometimes place the computer next to the bed at night while I sleep so that if I wake I can hit the refresh button and see if there's anything new happening on FB - the alternative is to check the screen by walking across the hall from the bathroom two or three times during the course of each night ... is that addiction? :-)