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Check out the Robert Kiyosaki Cash Flow Clubs for your area. Sorry for the delayed response the comment didn't show up in my Wordpress dashboard.

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Thanks for the comment SoCalGal, please read the section about "Pre-Forclosure" you will see that it is very possible to make huge money with no credit or cash, that $29,139 check above is a result of this method. It cost me no money out of pocket and my credit was not pulled. The "Strategy" is called a "Double Escrow" it's been around since 1971 and is very profitable. I must say it is harder today to do these double escrows but we buy properties from wholesalers all the time who using this method. Learn more about about this type of flip, I think you will find it interesting as I only touched the surface.

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Thanks for the post Mr. Mogul, I agree 100% with your post and should be a valid question for any real estate investor looking to hire a property manager. I went to your site and Mr. Mogul looks like a cool game.