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I have had to arrest people for speeding, same concept. The ticket just is a written release on your own cognizance that you will either pay the fine or show up to your hearing on the posted date, rather than being taken to jail. A ticket is just like getting arrested, just you do not get booked or have to see a judge. On a side a prosecutor, I would think she would understand how this works, considering she could potentially be prosecuting people that have scheduled fines along with any other crime that was committed.

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In Arizona, it does not start taking pictures of violators till 11mph over...reason being is that it has to make room for variance. Also, I believe in Iowa 5mph over would not be considered a 'moving violation'

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All your base are belong to us!

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One of the best deputies I ever knew, I will miss you, Mark.

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Thank you for your service, welcome home!

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My first ever police ride along was with Mark Taylor. He was a wonderfully intelligent man, enjoyed his job and his years of service and dedication showed this. 105 is 10-42, may you rest in peace.

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As a police officer, I am going to make this easy for everyone in saying that this officer proceeded to act as trained and was within the scope of our laws and procedures for the situation. Its not about being trigger happy, that car is a deadly weapon in the manner the individual was using it and the officer used their weapon to stop the threat and defend him/herself. An officer is trained to shoot to stop, not shoot to kill.