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This is totally going to be non sequitur, but I like the top photograph. Blue flames on the bottom and the steam rising off the pancake, background appropriately blurred. Nice shot, for shooting breakfast.

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The ink looks great, and awesome job on the video whoever did it.

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I wonder if I'm more than a littel weird in that I sat here reading all your commentors and wondering if I was a lion or a tiger... and not that it matters, either, but just in the sense that one likes to know what category one falls in.

And to be honest, I don't think I can pin point it.

Which probably means tiger.

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"Fanning the flames of hope"

Perfect perspective.

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Ever have a comment on the tip of your tounge... actually tip of your fingers is a better metaphor... and not be able to get it to come out right? Yeah, this is one of those.

But I liked the story of how you met him. It could be a scene in a movie.

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I drove through Colombus on my way out to D.C. Looked like a decent little city... at 70 mph.

Nice pics, too. I liked the Benjamin's perspective shots.

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Digging your developing photography skills. And the transparency in your writing.

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Love the pic of Benjamin in the truck bed... the new camera is paying off.

Now go out and splurge on a 50mm lense and you're really in business.

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My heart breaks for Benjamin that he is even in this situation. I can't offer any advice other than time with his dad, any time, is valuable (assuming no destructive behavior on dad's part).

He may not be perfect, or far from perfect, but that time will be priceless in Benjamin's developement. The only thing I worry about is dad not following through with his commitment, which would lead to major dissapointment for Benjamin. So his little heart may need to be gaurded by you at first until dad can prove himself.

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You really don't have to teach him how to pee standing up. We kind of just do that on our own.

But then again, leaving the seat up is so you can take a nice dip in the cold toilet water at 3 a.m. comes naturally too, so just remember that when he's 7.

You know what I figure? Like Canadian Bald Guy alluded to, at this point in my life, were I single again, the first thing I'd look for in a girl is someone who doesn't need a man in her life, but still wants one. I think that's about the healthiest place a person could be.