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Thanks "V". I'm guilty. I recall reading your posts...but then I forgot. I used to go to there for the religion section (because I didn't know any better), but I have found better ones (Washington Post on Faith and Religion News Service are really good). Thanks for the reminder.


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Me and my "too cool for you" friends have spent hours and hours watching California's Gold...when we should have been out at a hip bar talking about things that are only hip in other countries. RIP Huell.


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Number six woulda been that atheists comment the most. right.


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Hey "V", build, build. Thanks for your effort.

Team Atheist Forever,


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Christmas eve mass was the worst. It's too long and I could never stay up till midnite. "V" looks like we both walked away at aprox the same age. I've only been to one mass since, but it was to start a Filipino cultural that doesn't count, right. Awesome peeps...


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I'm at a loss for words...


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On the top ten list of modest and humble atheist bloggers...I'm number 11.

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Congrats buddy. I heart teh twitter. Thanks for always putting me in UR Awesome

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Andy wash UR mouth out with soap..."flim flam (there might be children here, fer Gawds sake). Anyhoo...When I started my blog years ago I knew, I knew/know, that there are atheists out there way way smarter than I. So I decided to be more entertaining, fun, but not too much *scholarly* stuffs (and it's working so far). It's all about your niche.

This could be within you three examples, but I would like to see someone emerge as a leader. no more of this herding cats stuff. Unite as a Team and freekin' organize so awesome that the ACLU, feminism and LGBT groups (that have been around for decades) look to us and go, "Dam, those kind gentle and very goodlooking atheists sure can organize."


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Geez, ya think you can be more thorough and comprehensive (jk). Excellent work, homie.