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the puzzle, the riddle that is Anderson Silva has been solved already...Sure he is the best....but he is old...has lost an edge in the stand up because of age...That can't be fixed. Weidman will need to avoid the rope a dope in the rematch...He can't gas himself while Silva slips punches for 2 or 3 rounds.....He will tire and get frustrated..then its Silva's fight....I think he will be smart...use his strengths...which is wrestling...and taking advantage of opportunities he creates...I really think he stops Silva again...and maybe puts a bad enough beating on him to retire him for good. This kid is raw but very smart, well rounded...and has tremendous power to go along with the wrestling...That versatility and his youth make him very dangerous.

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if you are a conservative, it is "almost" your duty to cancel your subscription to HBO...Conservatives believe in freedom...and they also believe in truth...HBO, with Bill Maher, now this anti-conservative garbage are classic examples of conservatives funding their enemies. There are plenty of organizations of which conservatives have not choice in funding their enemies, like NPR getting federal funds, compulsory union dues, etc...But HBO is optional...

Starve the bastages out...cancel your subscription to HBO...when the cofferes are empty enough...they will change their ways...or disappear from the airwaves. You have a choice for change or the status quo...make that choice.

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PorkChop went on MSNBC? That network is the "timeout box" of the media....Thats where you go to be ignored and temporarily banished from public view....maybe he should move in?

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half the country is conservative...that is the half that needs to learn to keep its money away from Hollywood..they will use it against you every time...pass on the movies and the dvds...there is always a better use for that money...always.

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he's a "good cracka"....that will get him a pat on the head.....

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If Olbermann continues to devolve to the next lower, irrelevent some point doesnt' he end up on a test pattern?

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Speaking of Rosie's low ratings......most folks who live in the country will tell you that you get used to smell of pigs on a pig farm, and after don't even notice it anymore....I guess thats not the case......

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make no mistake about it...the conservative group will be painted by the media as paramilitary, neo-cons...who are just out looking for trouble...Now, and only now..its time for the national guard to come in and crack some heads....We should be hearing from Big Sis shortly, also....

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the unions totally own these chumps.....They aren't even smart enough to recognize that its the unions who are responsible for millions of jobs landing overseas...But the unions don't mind...they are organizing over there too so they get their union dues anyway...just from foreign workers...instead of American ones... The unions could care less where the jobs are located...they get their dues either way...what a bunch of idiots. These Obama supporters are carrying out their marching from the DNC.

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I think she saw how much money Stephen Colbert raised with his scam....and decided...being short on cash and all...that she's at least as funny as he is...and could use a few, in the ring goes the hat!