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I agree. I think ALOT of Vancourittes would use the max if they could jump on it and then ride it downtown. I bet traffic would be cut in half almost immediately.

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the article does say that "The restaurants that May be closing next" the keywords in the article are MAY BE CLOSING not WILL BE CLOSING. You have to read the article first before spouting off about inaccuracies

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WIFI would be great so would the laptop trays that makes perfect sense :)

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I would love to hear the cities rebuttal on why it is going to cost 3 times as much to put in the Milwaukie line

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Jim thats great to hear . Dont forget to get all those other Portlanders you know to add it too :)

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That is good to know. Thanks for the info :)

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This is pretty messed up I can't believe no one has mentioned this in the mainstream media

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I am surprised that Tri-Met does not just let students on for free. Just show them your student body pass and thats it.

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I agree its one of those damned if you do damned if you don't issues. In the end there is always going to be someone who isn't happy.

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You know Kelly that is a very good question . I found this mapping system that the Oregon State Police use. It looks as if you can see how many sex offenders are around a given address and most likely where they live.

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