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Excellent quote and headline by Mr. Scott Oliver: "When the roof blew by, we knew it was serious".

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Regardless of how or where you stand on the development continuum, form-based code is an excellent tool for fostering solid design and execution of such. Had form-based code already been tested and in place, we would not be faced with the skull numbing architecture we currently see around town, especially at 30th/Pearl. Pay attention to this pilot program and weigh in. It can be significant in how Boulder looks for generations to come.

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Heartbreaking, on all fronts.

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Thanks for this laugh-out-loud moment!

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Ms. Wilkins has proved to be exceptionally strong, but she is also gracious and mature beyond her years. What an extraordinary young woman.

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Nice work and recognition Ms. Fox.

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'...a safe and comfortable distance away'. Wow.

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I believe I actually got the flu while accompanying someone in the ER at Boulder Community. I received a flu vaccine in October, but it didn't prevent the flu which turned to pneumonia pretty quickly. No kidding, be cautious out there: cover your mouth, wash your hands and for crying out loud, stay home if you're sick.

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But he looks so good in black briefs!

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Quit being such a buzzkill. If you're the graduate, or the parent of a graduate, it's appropriate, jeez.