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In Montreal, you should definitely eat at Damas--great slightly fancier middle eastern restaurant. Also, I like Vices & Versa in Montreal--a bar that predominantly features Quebec microbrews, has amazing fries, and a nicer terrasse space than Dieu du Ciel. I don't know if they still do this or when it is but one night of the week they have live Quebecois folk music.

In Vancouver, I really like Bandidas Taqueria--delicious Mexican food, nice drinks, good vibe, affordable.

Have a great time!!

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Hey, I'm late but if you want to prevent your chain from falling off in the future, it's a pretty easy fix you can do with just a screwdriver! Figure out whether the chain is falling off the front gears or the rear, then google/youtube "limit screw adjustment [front/rear] derailleur." I'm also happy to type out an explanation if the internets fail you, just let me know!

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I'm late, but can I just say I'm extremely happy to see two other Hamilton-not-the-musical Toasties here?

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I loved Rules of the Road by Joan Bauer--I think I read a couple of her books at that age but that was the one that stood out to me!

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I work in a bike shop too (and run wom*n's only DIY repair nights!) and I also extend an open invitation to any toastitos who have had bad experiences with Bike Shop Dudes to come on by! I still have those bad experiences myself in other shops (and with some male patrons of my own shop for that matter), where I'm forced to participate in some weird bike-knowledge dick-measuring contest in order to be taken seriously.

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I work in a bike shop and have to deal with this attitude all the time! Even though our city has a very popular bike share where all the bikes are the Dutch step-through style, often male patrons at my shop can't bear the thought of even trying a "girl bike."

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this is a late reply but all your links just redirect back to the open thread?

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I've been eating this one a lot, though with almonds subbed for pecans due to my partner's allergy. It's pretty addictive!

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I got mine earlier this year too! Also the "easiest" way possible for me (experience class), was still very very expensive and took forever (though I'm still willing to bet it was much easier than trying to get similar status in the US would be). And yes, I've definitely got a big kick in the butt about how relatively painless my experience was through working with newcomers with refugee status and hearing their stories.

I recently re-entered the country and was SO excited to use my new PR card and of course the immigration guy was like "okay, next." I wanted....cake?

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Ugh, I feel you for sure! I used to live five blocks from a teeny tiny bouldering gym run by the sweetest hippie couple, with women's-only days and a no-shirtlessness policy that I think kept the bros away. Now I'm stuck with huge intense gyms and the intense guys to go along with it. Cutting them off with "No beta, please!" and then moving to another part of the gym if necessary until they're gone works okay for me, also because once I've told them I don't want advice I hate when they're watching me try it again (psychological sport for sure). I've also seen people at my gym who keep listen to music on their own earbuds as they climb which would probably work well, I used to go to a gym that played way too much dubstep so I was always envious of them!
I saw you were having trouble finding women to climb with, but maybe try and coordinate climbing schedules with one of the laid-back friendly guys if that's all you can find? Also I'm in the Bay Area, and the local gym chain has a deal where you if you have a membership you can bring a friend for free once a month, if your gym offers something similar you could make one of your nonclimbing friends into your climbing buddy?