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no, i bought it as a used phone like that. Don't know anything about it's previous past. Thought maybe i could fix it and kick it out of recovery. After looking around for it's problem, i think it's possible that it's a hardware failure. Read that it could be slight corrosion somewhere on the inside near it's memory or something. Oh well, probably will sell it back lol.

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i don't have tiny umbrella, and my hosts files are not pointed to cydia. I just tried restoring and this is what i get now at the apple logo screen (with the apple loading icon at the bottom):

[NAND] _FindFlashedMediaAndKeepout:600 physical nand block offset 1
[NAND] start:355 this 0x87036000 PROVIDER=0x8702e600 flashMedia=0x8702e600
[NAND] WMR_Start:149 Apple PPN NAND Driver, Read/Write
[NAND] WMR_Start:174 FIL_Init [OK]
[NAND] WMR_Open:371 VFL_Open [OK]
[NAND] s_cxt_boot:88 sftl: error, unclean shutdown; adopted 717 spans
[NAND] WMR_Open:414 FTL_Open [OK]
[NAND] _pubishServices:255 FTL capabilities: 0x00000001
[NAND] _ppnvflGetStruct:3425 Checking borrowed blocks = count: 44 max_count: 44
[NAND] _fetchBorrowedList:873 number of borrowed blocks 37

Seems like a memory problem. Any thoughts? I thought iPhones could not be bricked.

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i have an iphone 4s that's stuck with error 21 in itunes (custom firmware error), and is stuck on the recovery screen, and i can't seem to figure out how to restore it back to normal. Is there any way possible to restore the iphone 4s to normal and in working conditions. I don't care about jailbreak or unlock. Thanks

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perhaps redsnow not windows 8 supported yet

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It has worked, i have done it personally. But now i heard it is becmoing illegal

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it just suddenly freezes every now and then. I have already attempted a complete stock restore and still does that. I think it could be just hardware starting to fail or something idk

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it's already on stock, still a problem.

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what's it say at the very top of cydia page?

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lol really? I'm surprised. For which devices?

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Hey guys, i have an ipod touch 2g. I don't care if i jailbreak it or not, i only use it for music. The ipod keeps crashing (doesn't matter if it's jailbroken or not, still crashes a lot) and i keep having to hard reset it like every 30mins - 1hr. I was wondering if this is software related or if it's just an old device and the hardware is starting to fail, and if there is anything i can do about this problem.