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Nice comments but it's really simple: if you say you're pro-choice, you're apt to get assassinated. So we got out of the habit.

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But to get serious, guys, DO NOT invest in whatever speech recognition software is using. Or ABC for that matter.

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now now, can't have johnny ted thinkin we're some of those leeetists...

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He counts as two.

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Not to mention which it should be how *many* [oranges], not how "much." Don't no hiztree, don't no jografee, don't no numbuhs, don't no grammer eithuh. But I kin vote cuz I got one ov them pitcher eye-dees.

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I remember. I also remember it was paid for by private donations, as was every WH redecor since JFK if not before. But of course the tighty righties wouldn't let that pass. On the other hand if they had gone all ballistic on FLOTUS, maybe POTUS would have been able to sneak a few actual government things by them.

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1) if Wisconsin has a "freedom of conscience" law that allows health care workers, from M.D.'s to pharmacists to not perform abortions,not refer women to abortion providers, and not fill prescriptions for Plan B -- then why the hell does writing absence excuses not qualify as exercise of conscience?

2) if Crooks & Liars is correct and this whole doctor-excuses thing is another right-wing lie ("video at 11!") --- then yes Walker is abusing/wasting state resources and it's another count for the impeachment and/or recall indictment.

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What's the big deal? Republicans never ever have to obey a law--much less a regulation--wherever they may be. Way to hold up the side, Jimmy!

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Seriously, this guy is sicker than Palin. There should be a whole new level of narcissism named after him.

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Civilization jihad? That's a holy war to make everyone and everything civilized, right? Sign me up.