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I think the idea is that people would be able to take rides on it while the ship is underway, although it could make a great trapshooting target :-)

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Yes indeed...The blunt words overall reflect the public opinion of the accident in the Bay Area. The words "Cosco Busan" can bring forth some very passionate reactions from many in the San Francisco area. Thanks for the comment!

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No problem! Its some pretty amazing technology with incredible application potential.

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Thanks for the comment James. I don't know if the market will take care of the problem. It really hasn't impacted much thus far, since shipping companies are paying multi-million dollar ransoms and higher premiums to boot; not to mention the costs associated with a hijacked ship being taken out of service and associated demurrage charges. What strikes me is that shipping companies are willing to pay all of these costs, and still avoid paying for preventative measures such as armed private security, electric fences, barb wire, etc.

I wonder what the overtime looks like for the Maersk Alabama? I would imagine the off-going crew is going to be paid very very well.

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I visited the Navy website today, and its interesting to note that you will find very little mention of the current crisis. In fact, I don't see anything about the Maersk Alabama. The Navy also publishes numerous photos each day for the media, and if you look at the roll of current photos, with absolutely zero concerning the Maersk Alabama. I don't understand this. This event is THE event for the Navy right now. Instead, their focus seems to be on promoting visits and tours by Admirals, readiness drills, and award ceremonies that ultimately have little interest to the greater public.

I think this reveals a lack of focus on the piracy issue in the Gulf of Aden, and a lack of commitment to overcoming the problem there. I am keen to not want to be the Monday morning quarterback, and I don't think the Navy has written off protecting Merchant Mariners, but I think the large cumbering organization that is the Navy, is simply to big to see around itself. Navy leadership needs to be able to quickly re-focus the Navy's current hotbed issue, unfortunately I think they are still focused on large scale naval battles and wars, and not piracy.

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I would caution against anyone calling the ship directly, as it may interfere with the ship communicating with the Navy and other authorities. The ship may be expecting a call from military officials or company representatives that are extremely urgent in nature. Maersk is providing a good amount of information to the press from the situation room at the Maersk Line office in Norfolk.
From Maersk:
Please contact Maersk Line Limited for further press inquiries:

Maersk Line Limited (switchboard): + 1 757 857 4800

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I think we have to look at having nuclear powered ice breakers at some point. Russia has several nuclear powered ice breakers, and even uses a few for tourism with primarily U.S. and British passengers. I believe the most significant concern in the arctic will be commerce driven. As soon as a navigable route is viable, shipping companies will want to use the arctic to save thousands of dollars. The presence in the arctic will not just be limited to national defense. It will be a multi-mission focus that the CG will have to provide, from Marine Safety/Prevention, environmental protection, and SAR just as it does in any major port. We will need a long-term solution, a large and capable mobile platform, and I think a nuclear powered ship would be best positioned to provide exactly that.

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Noted big John....I'll update my bio with some more details! The Polar Trader can not be left out.