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The jobs with to China under Clinton and they went there due to simple economics. They could make it cheaper.

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Anything is better than the current gang. At least they didn't add 6 trillion to the deficit on green technology.

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You're obviously high on a foreign substance. The other nations did not have forces in Afghanistan because they are socialist and don't have any money for a military. Also, we were attacked by Osama two times before 9/11 and under Clinton.

Good has come out of going into Iraq, not bad. Please back your statments up with facts, how did we lose the backing of the so called important countries? Canada, Australia and Britian all stood by us.

Actually, it was Obama in his first appearance that snubbed our allies and wanted to talk to Castro and Chavez. Hillary has made mistake after mistake in the forein policy, why do you think North Korea challenges us with their military drills, they have no respect for the current President or his cabinet.

It is quite clear to me that Obama is over his head, his college theories of how a President should act are dead off, he has made the US the laughing stock of the world.

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Seriously, she needs to be committed to the looney bin.

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Duh! No way will my children ever be sucked into the college sports world. There is a good article in The Atlantic that was written a couple of months ago about the NCAA and how really all they are about is money and using the young athletes as their slaves.

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Actually, I think they should leave it and if not to painful for the victims put the true story of how immoral he was. This is a morality problem with a generation and needs to somehow be addressed. My heart goes out to all those boys whose lives are ruined because these men did not have any honor to do the right thing, their disgusting.

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Well the answer to our problems is not more regulation. What needs to happen is we need to cut spending, drop Obamacare and all the new regulation fees, stop price controls and subsidizing farming. Make unions illegal. There that should take care of it!

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Seriously, our nation is a financial disaster, let's focus on that versus this petty stuff.

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Because boys are following behind. The public school system teaches for girl characteristics, not boys. The reporter did not do their homework. There is plenty of studies done showing that during the middle school and jr. high years it is advantageous to gender segregate. They are not looking at the scientific research that shows boys and girls see and hear differently. They need to be taught differently to their physical differences. Gender segration makes both boys and girls more confident.

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States are required to have a balanced budget.