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but moms are too cool to drive minivans. they couldn't possibly fit their 2 kids in a car and and SUV make so much more sense even though insure is more, gas mileage is terrible, and they're less safe.

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Gas may be $8 a gallon in England, but they have one of the best public transit systems in the world. It is very difficult to survive in Cedar Rapids without a car. Our public transit is a jok.

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Hospice is doing a great job. Let them keep up what they're doing.

The state of Iowa doesn't have enough money to fund the departments it already has. This is why there's hundreds of nail salons that continue to use hazardous chemicals (MMA or Methyl Methacrylate) on customers every day without any penalty. The cosmetology board is underfunded and only inspects these salons if they get a complaint. These are the people that need more regulation because they pose a public safety risk.

I've never heard of anyone recieving anything but help from hospice.

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The last time I drove past that house I thought it was abandoned. It looks like it's falling apart.

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survaillence cameras are put in place by the property or business owner, not activist groups seeking dirt. How is hiding a camera on a farm any different from hiding a camera on any other property that is not public and not your own. why should it be legal to for citizens to secretly tape a farmer on his own far and not for a sicko to hide a camera in a public restroom. If it's not your property and you are not of the proper authority (ie: the CIA, FBI, ect) you shouldn't be allowed to secretly tape anything that is not public and not your property.

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the street is fair game, but these farms are still private property.

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how is allowing someone to video tape you without your permission constitutional? Besides these activists often release carefully edited video. I'm pretty sure if I thought my niegbor was selling crack and I broke in his house in the middle of the night and installed a hidden camera to catch him in the act, I would be committing a crime. The right thing to do would be to call the authorities and let them handle it.

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usually the pop vendor gives them to you for free

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I'm sure it's possible that there was not train when she was crossing and perhaps she got stuck and couldn't get out in time.

What ever happened, it sure is terrible.

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didn't she used to work at dancers ranch?