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Maurice Chevallier!!! He earned my undying devotion in this movie. I'm so glad other people also read his performance of the song as super yucky. I adored this movie as a child - I think actually because it wasn't just about falling desperately love and getting married. I didn't read the ladies as mistresses exactly, but I liked that the people in the movie had multiple relationships, not just one "true love".

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Always Mark Ruffalo!

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Where can I apply to be a sinister robed figure? I feel my true calling is persuade beautiful men to burn their beauty to keep us warm.

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I had the same problem!!! Last year I got fed up with it and went on a massive bra for small ladies research binge/hunt. Check out the brands Timpa and Only Hearts. There specially made for the small breasted ladies who don't want all that extra padding and stuff. They have underwire, but honestly they don't pinch.

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YES!!!!! That show is awesome!

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HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! I only regret that i have but one upvote to give to this comment!

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Your version is amazing! I have just completed wiping my memory of all of canon TBBT have replaced your superior version. And we also add some nice things for Bernadette? She is adorable and smart and way out of nasty Howard's league! Check Lorre shows a severe unfamiliarity with reality if he thinks that a real woman like Bernadette whatever and up a man like Howard.

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Ah, prestige television! I am a big fan of The Muddy and the Zombied, Upstairs Downton-stairs, Game of Tits, Terrorist or Not?, and Pyrrhic Victory in Baltimore.

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YES!!! Everything in this post and all these comments is totally wonderful! I wish I knew you all in middle school.

However, I'm here to tell an amazing X-Files story. It is not my story, Though I wish it was.

When my friend was in middle school, she like many of us, adored X-Files with the excessive fervor that only a middle schooler can. So much so, that she made her own X-Files FBI badge. (This was accomplished by pausing a videotaped episode and taking a photo of the opening credits! Oh how times have changed.) She carried this with her in her wallet everywhere. One day, after buying a coffee from the cute high school boy who worked at Starbucks, she was walking home when the Starbucks Boy called to her to wait. When he caught up to her he said: "Hey you forgot your wallet - Special Agent!" And then my friend dissolved into a puddle of preteen embarrassment.

In retrospect, she says the Starbucks Boy said it in a gentle and joking way, but it was hard to hear as a middle schooler. And this friend of mine grew up into a college professor at Brown! Every time I think of the story it makes me love her a little more.