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So I've been thinking about this on and off for a while now, since Mark's Book is finally being published (yay!), about how all of us here in the Mark Does Stuff family, either long-time members or brand-new folks, either lurkers or loud ones, have a sense of Mark's story, Mark's journey, to get here, both through his work and (from what we've learned through personal anecdotes and essays in the reviews of various books or TV shows) through his entire life, how Mark struggled and how Mark persevered. As readers, we really only know what we're told, but we have been lucky to have been told an awful lot.

And this may see, like a weird jump, but I just wanted to say that all these authors he's read, and all these actors and directors and TV writers we see and discuss, like--

Jennifer Garner worked summers in the late 80s-early 90's as a Renaissance Festival Wench. I can't find the footage (it does exist), but it's exactly what you'd expect from camcorder footage of a college-age girl singing a ridiculous song while dressed in upholstery.

Watch (and listen) to Ron Rifkin (Sloane)'s acceptance speech for the 1998 Tony Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical, which he won for playing Herr Schultz in the Alan Cumming/Natasha Richardson revival of Cabaret:

[youtube tsT8y3dhmRM youtube]

Keep going. Keep going.

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I have loved Victor Garber forever, so I tuned in to Alias when it premiered because I love him. When he delivered the "airplane parts" line in the middle of a desperately tense getaway, I was hooked. (Series spoilers) Gbb onq vg orpnzr (VZUB) vapburerag frys-vaqhytrapr nobhg gjb frnfbaf orsber vg zrepvshyyl raqrq.


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From episode 1 I was Team Will, wherever that was gonna take me. (Series spoilers) Naq V jnf fb sernxvat qvfnccbvagrq jvgu Inhtua orpnhfr V gubhtug gung gur npgbe jnf onq, juvyr gur npgbe jub cynlrq Jvyy jnf fb sernxvat terng.

I shoulda been a casting director.

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Title meaning for those who like this kind of stuff:

In most C-based programming languages, "return 0" in simple terms means that the program is running perfectly. If a function returns an integer, there's a problem somewhere. If it returns 0, all is well.

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"Metamorphosis" is by Philip Glass, written in 1989. The composer of incidental music for the show had nothing to do with it. They were ready to go with "Heroes" and then one of the showrunners (I forget who; it's on the internet somewhere I'm sure) heard this piece and decided it was perfect. Maybe they were playing it as a placeholder? I don't remember. But this is an older Philip Glass piece.

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In the UK that spelling is pronounced "Morris." Check out the movie made of the novel "Maurice," starring Hugh Grant, James Wilby, and Rupert Graves, not just for pronunciation, but because it's excellent 😀

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It is spelled that way in British English. (Check out the film Maurice adapted from the novel by E.M. Forester)

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The British pronunciation is "Morris" (like "forest" without a final t). The French pronunciation is More--EESE. The difficulty for Americans is that the spelling is the French spelling, but in an English book that expects the British English pronunciation.

So, the "correct" pronunciation is context-dependent.

(Which means that, for this book, it's the forest one. Sorry if that screws up anyone's reading voice in their head.)

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Yes but that's set in France, where that pronunciation would be correct.

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