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If this was any other case, we would have already seen the neighbor 100x on various "News" channels.

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If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its probably a duck
pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate--
frustra fit per plura quod potest fieri per pauciora--
entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem--

My only question is where are all the people~

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Here is an article by your hack New York Times writer, explaining why the Fed shouldn't be punished.. because they try so hard to be a good cartel of criminal bankers...
So you love the FED, admit it...

No wonder you support Herman Cain (the former Director of Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank) and Mitt Romney whose donations are ALL from big Wall Street banks.

You see Misty, your propaganda and lies are why millions of hard-working people support Congressman Paul.  

So lets look at what you have said so far about Dr. Paul.. he's a racist, he's an old white haired guy, he's a kook, he's an isolationist...

WOW!  I can see why you have such a high 'reputation' on this debate forum. HAHA.. funny--so basically you spew propaganda talking points.  

Everyone who reads you is dumber for it..
In fact, go here and donate:<br />End of line~

Kimberly Amadeo |
September 1, 2009

Is the Federal Reserve hiding the identities of banks who received up to $2 trillion in loans in the last year? Representative Ron Paul (R:TX) and now Representative Barney Frank(D: MA) think the Fed should be audited to reveal the names of these foreign and domestic banks. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke opposes Paul's audit bill, saying it would make it seem like the Fed was no longer setting interest rates independently of political oversight. This perception alone would increase inflation. However, the real threat is even worse than that.

The Federal Reserve has acted quickly and creatively to pull the economy back from the brink of a major depression. It did so because of its ability to act swiftly without going to Congress for approval. Secrecy was needed last year to allow banks to apply for liquidity from the Fed without fear they would be tagged as failing banks. Congressional auditing ability would seriously hamper the Fed's ability to act at a time when this creatively and innovation is needed the most. The economy is still on the brink of a falling back into serious recession. Now is not the time to tie the hands of one of the few institutions with the ability to quickly inject needed liquidity into the financial system.

Representative Paul's motives are suspect. This bill is coincidentally timed to pass the House in October, the same time Paul's book, End the Fed, will publish. Representative Paul has always wanted to abolish the Fed. Perhaps he now sees the weakened economy, and the Fed's innovative and timely actions during the crisis, as his chance to get his wish.


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HAHAHAHA!! You cite some partisan hack like Kimberly Amadeo who writes for the toilet paper of record THE NEW YORK TIMES???
Now at least I know what your 'sources' are...
I appreciate you more by the minute.
You make my case for Ron Paul better than I ever could (not really, its hyperbole;)

And WHAT is your creepy infatuation with Disney and tron?  
End of line is from a Disney movie? 
Thanks for the info... but I never watched it.  (I was probably in medical school studying)
And yes, I'm a physician.  Does that upset you?  
Or is that a "lie" too. 
You're certainly a strange bird Misty! 
Or should I say Mister 'Retired Military Guy' (cough cough)
End of line~

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Here ya go-- educate yourself by reading this article by Dr. Ron Paul rather than regurgitating wikipedia terms..

Protectionism vs Liberty

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Sorry Misty!  I thought with your feminine name and all that you were a woman.  Without a comprehensive physical though, I couldn't really tell.
Smoot Haley, HAHA  yea, thats why I'm going to vote for new birdcage liner (Romney, Cain, Perry).. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
Ron Paul is not a protectionist, again you have no comments worth addressing on his actual positions.
Go click your reputation up a few more notches, you certainly are a great debater!

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Right.. that's what keeps Americans awake at night. A Smoot Hawley replay.  
HaHa-- buddy, you're a clown.  
I think I understand though.. 
as a Romney fan-boy troll it upsets you that Ron Paul is a top tier candidate. 
CNBC, Bill OReilly, FOX News -- they have ALL taken down online polls this year when Ron Paul won.  That this doesn't bother you is .. well, a little creepy to be honest.

FACT:Ron Paul represents honest politics at its best.  He brings together Americans from across the spectrum.  Old, young, rich poor, black, white.. and no amount of lies will change that.

Remember Misty girl, nothing can stop an idea who's time has come-- 
End of line~

Go self-click your reputation up a few more times~

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Someone here certainly has a fixation...
Google False Consensus Effect Misty..
and then read this.. Make sure you follow all the links though!! For your documentation.

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Actually I have patients to attend to, but I will miss your silliness here on the Brietbart forum. You keep supporting Cain, en route to your ultimate champion Mitt Romney, the big-banker-pocket-rocket-- We'll see how that works out for you~

I'll leave you with this final truth;

We still have a choice.

FACT:The GOP cannot win without Ron Paul.
So Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry are irrelevant at the end of the day.

The question is, do we as republicans continue to giggle and burp about, debating irrelevant nonsense and ignoring the most electable conservative candidate we have?

Do we go against all logic and reason and scream (metaphorically speaking)
"Give Us Barabbas!" as we pull the lever for Romney Sachs, or Federal Reserve Cain?
Or do we pull out a victory from the jaws of defeat, and act in such a way that it makes our children's children proud?

I'm not interested in feeling like a WINNER the day after election day.
I'm interested in waking up knowing, that thank GOD, for once, I didn't fall for the MSM propaganda of lies and distortion.
Bait and switch indeed!

The question is, I suppose, which candidate do you feel safer entrusting your children to? A bought and paid for snake oil salesman, or the last true Statesman we have... Ron Paul.

These are the questions that require "IntenseDebate".

But by all means Misty, as you were--
End of line~

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Yawn... you bore me Misty...
End of line~