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grande chef otto - grande. say it right.

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Exactly. This is really the uh key ah signifigant different advancement that signifies how we as a generation are advancing. When I was your age my teachers at the Academy scolded us for not reading between the lines. But we never reread anything. As a result I scored low and well here I am.

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Debbie thanks so much for sharing. Your story moved me to stop beating myself up over my OWN coffee needs. Thanks! - Grande Chef Otto

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basically anything is possible, thank god. my grandkids tell me stuff that would make your iPod touch lock so you couldn't use it for a week. thanks for logging on and joining in the positive kumbaya.

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Hmm Good try, but ms rusenstrom what we are really looking for in this category here is authentic seafaring fare, ie real-world adventures on the sea, and mostly written by men. these men might face battle with sea monsters, or even worse - their own brothers. you kind of made of god damn mockery of it with your fish n chips angle, didn't you. oh well.

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ok, but i think because of the time difference between Philippines and Japan one of us is going to be drinking in their sleep or on their way in to the office. but that's ok.

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no, the coffee is pro-hibited from the music studio. it is so obvious the reasons for that. one of course is injury to the drums and the staff member who had set that up. so please, never bring your coffee to the studio. we will kill you if you mistake.

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thanks for your incisive scoop, Chef. we are all erectile disfunctionalists now.

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Hard hitting is the only kind of journalism we do Smegma. And we're trying to say that touching Obama's bulging stimulus package may create economic upturns in certain human configurations.