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They don't feel the pressure but they actively signed everyone off the Impact roster. They don't feel the pressure but they say weekly they've signed several people and so far haven't seen more than a couple of their last 50 plus signings this year at all. They don't feel the pressure but they shut down any company that tries to run at msg even though they barely use the venue anymore.

Oh, and they don't feel the pressure but anyone who leaves them on bad terms gets their histories erased. If Roman threw a tantrum and quit tomorrow, someone would eliminate 13 men from the next rumble.

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I'd say it in person. Occam's razor... is it more obvious you're a bad troll, or that your some rich guy who frequents a message board for wrestling news?

I also spent many years in a ring, perhaps you'd like to tell me how wrestling works like all the other armchair quarterbacks?

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Your hand isn't your wife, and going to the gas station for scratchers isn't a vacation.

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Yeah, I'm sure someone who frequents lop messages spent 45 grand on WWE stock.

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You actually have to sue for the fees to be paid.

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I knew colt wouldn't win since the battle royal wasn't for "all legal fees paid off."

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Your lame attempt at a gimmick is long played out. You're the Roman Reigns of lop.

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So, Braun refuses to cash in unless Roman knows it's coming... then turns heel and has 2 guys jump Roman.

I dunno what kind of hardcore drugs the writing staff is on, but it's some special stuff.

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Gusiness gives a world record to everything now, hasn't exactly been an honor the last 20 years.

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16 titles.


There is no need of it.