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The Republicans are, as usual, getting it wrong. They oppose Sotomayor because of her record, they oppose her for her graceless comments, for any other reason. But they miss the important point. It allows other crucial things to go on in the background while Republicans wave their hands in the air and say “Look, we’re doing our job here. We’re opposing the terrible liberal judge.” All in a pointless fight. The Left is going to put a liberal judge into that seat. Period.

However, why haven’t we heard about the other candidates out there? How many other liberal judges are there out there with less inflammatory records that would serve the liberal agenda just fine? How many other black, female, or black/female judges are out there that have better records? Or, - gasp - could there possibly be an old, white male out there with a better record? Could the Republicans have instead opposed her by demonstrating that better qualified judges were passed over so that Obama could put someone on the bench who was Hispanic? That he did it to court Hispanic voters?

Remember the start of this – unless the Republicans have a point, why oppose? Just tell the voters “Hey, we screwed up. We became power-mad, big money spenders who thought we would stay in office by doing the wrong thing for you so we just lost two elections in a big way.” “But now, we’re going to start doing the right thing again. We’re going to let this woman ascend to the bench and we are going to go back to work trying to make a difference that matters instead of doing a little puppet show for you.” “We need to work on getting the word out about FOCA, Card Check, Health Care, Cap and Trade, and all the other things that America is being buried under. We need to make a difference that matters”

Bottom line – unless you can use this to demonstrate pure political opportunism, show up, cast your vote and represent your constituents. Cast your vote on principle when it is time and work on what you can change.

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A key point is that insurance is not health care. Insurance is a legalized gamble agreed to between private parties. The young tend not to insure because they are healthy. Those with better income and growing older get insurance - and the insurance company takes them on based on the odds of their developing illnesses and their need to make a major pay-out. The old and those with pre-existing illnesses don't get insurance - just like the house in Vegas won't let you count cards. It's tragic, it's harsh, but it's life. The insurance companies are and have been acting under the laws of the country. There are no charges of widespread illegal action by the insurance industry. Maybe we could do something about COBRA - maybe part of unemployment should be that the premiums to continue insurance are paid by the government until a new job is obtained - but they would have to run out, just as unemployment does. And maybe the uninsurable should be covered by the government. But we should not all be looking to the government if it can be helped. We need to study this, debate this, and make a decision founded in the constitution and individual liberties. We need to stop trying to be 'nice' or ‘compassionate’; we need to do what is right.

Things like no exclusions, Comparative Effectiveness Research, are changes that we don't fully understand yet. Realize, though, that insurance companies make a substantial portion of their income through investment of your premiums. They certainly aren't stuffing it in a mattress. Depending on who you listen to, the insurance companies are behind this. They could raise their premiums to offset the additional payouts. I would guess they will, or they will support CER to reduce payouts. Either way, the public loses. And there will be the politicians, dangling their carrot - buy our brand, and appreciate us for giving it to you. Except you forget that what they are giving you, they took from someone else.

There are two issues in this debate, and the politicians are, as usual, using misdirection to achieve their goals. Remember, they're too afraid to take on the legal profession, and they want to expand the number of people who are receiving something for nothing. Unfortunately for the rich, the money taken from them by Congress is used to support programs to generate votes against the interests of business and rights of individuals.

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To the administrators - why can't we get this so a single space 8 1/2 x 11 discussion can be posted as a comment? The best we can do with the length currently allowed is little snippets. It doesn't allow development of ideas or to explain questions.

And where do I go if I want to contact the administrators?

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Wow - I'm lifting this quote whole, and after verifying it, will add it to my 'Damn Gu'mint' files.

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This subject is getting pretty well hashed over, but I have a few questions.

How and when did health care become a right? Or is Congress attempting to appear they are acting under the premise this is part of the general welfare clause of Article I, Section 8?

And as far as providing insurance - how can the government do this and not be competing with private industry? They're not allowed to do that.

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-last one-
Even the 'right' is catching on. If they don't get rid of the old farts, they're going to get bounced out on their buts too, as we become older and crotchetier. I love bipartisanship - What is that great example of compromise? - I can hear it now - "I believe it is peace in our time" (quote verified on Wikiquote). That's what I hear when I hear the word bipartisanship. And I trust the Progressive movement just as much as Chamberlain should have trusted the Nazis.

When I get my 'final counseling' about how I should be comfortable and accept my death, the only comfort I plan on indulging in is going out and finding a few of the people who brought this situation about and introducing myself. I could use some companions on my trip to hell.

Rod and his Honey

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- continued-
Oh, yeah, the other great benefit of getting rid of the aged? It tilts the electorate toward 'stupid'. All the wisdom and experience that tend to make people become more conservative as they get older will be flushed away as the country is purified by the elimination of the aged. Benefit? Progressives and liberals will be voted in by landslides as the unthinking masses being trained in our schools come of voting age. Youth will be glorified and served in a way it never has before. It won't be enough to look 30 when you're 50, if the spot on your hand turns black (can't remember the color for sure), it's time to report for renewal.

What does this mean? They fear the growing older population - they want us to die to end their obligation after stealing from us for generations, they don't want us to become the single largest voting block in the country. Time to prune the family tree.

-third and last below-

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When will America catch on? The solution is obvious, the Environutalists and Progressives are just afraid to say it out loud yet. They're planning a documentary in 2012 of their cherished solution. It's a planned release of a remake of 'Soylent Green' - only this time it won't be fiction. Just think, what a great solution - food for all, a reduction in carbon emissions, medical costs go down, Social Security costs go down as excess population is eliminated. I've already started telling my co-workers over the age of 50 to just go out to the curb and wait for the truck to come by and pick them up. Bon Apetit!

See rest of post in follow-up posts - hope it's not considered abuse.

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While the extra information is good, my point is that this is not who we are today. If there are current, on-going issues, I want to hear about them. We can address that; we can't change the past. The more I learn, the more saddened I am by all the things that we have done to each other in the past - but we still can't change history. And I don't think it helps to continue to portray one group as perpetual oppressors. I won't be returning to this particular thread, I stand by my comment that the President is using this for political reasons. I also believe he'd get farther by accentuating the positive. Good luck, I hope all your comments don't catch this much flak.

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Thank you - let's keep the debate about the truth. It's hard, it takes time, but it's what we need to do to avoid being considered crackpot, ignorant rednecks by the crackpot liberals. Of course, again I see how Obama loves America here - 'the dark underbelly of American immigration'. I don't see how he even can stand living here - unless his plan is to make America no longer America. I'm sure he could enjoy it and love it then. Maybe then the apology tours by him and Hillary would stop.