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I really appreciate this article, not only the info on the wild edibles...but the comments about reseeding, not taking the whole plant and the whole crop. I have been teaching my children which plants can be eaten, dandilions didn't go over so well! But I think it's important to remember that while you may not be on the run surviving in the wild, we could (another debate) find ourselves in a depression that will have us eating like this to survive in our homes. My suggestion is start doing this now, adjust to eating this way BEFORE it's absolutely necessary and use the money you save on groceries to buy something that will last longer than that loaf of bread.

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Herbs... sage, rosemary, basil, mint, etc.... These not only make food tasty but can be used as homeopathic medicines. Catnip is also a valuable herb to keep and dry for tea... it ebbs anxiety and panic which can be killers in a survival situation.