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Oh, "pro-life" is just a slogan. Guys like Huckabee love death!

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I read Freiburger's first post and reply. You can feel his intensity and anger just reading his words. He's pathetic. A waste of time. His argument hangs on name-calling - Paulites - and put-downs. Sad, really. Maybe blogging is good therapy for him. I don't know.

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Yeah, I always liked that song too. Judging from your (fine) taste in music, I'm guessing you might be as old as me. :-D

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Hey, maybe that's why the left hates us so much ... We get all the hot chicks!

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Ron Paul's doing a great job on this! More people need to get behind it!

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"Confidence" is psychology, not econ and financial markets. Contrary to the popular "Secret" video, neither happiness nor confidence will make your bank account grow and your mortgage get reduced.

The Federal Reserve is printing money. This is not controversial. When the government prints money, they don't have some secret, special magic dust to sprinkle on the paper and turn it into gold (or anything of value). The reality is, that the Federal Reserve printing money, has the same affect on the economy as if a counterfeiter did it.

Inflation, is always and everywhere a monetary phenomena. The gains in the stock market reflect inflation. What is, is. The current market bubble will burst, and it'll get much, much worse. I wish it wasn't true, but that's reality.

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I appreciate what you're saying ... but a) they have a century's worth of track-record in ignoring all of the above, 2) I haven't heard a Republican talk about freedom since Reagan, 3) TARP and the bailouts are a criminal enterprise and they're part of it, and 4) see numbers 1,2,3.

I'm not trying to argue with you, I'm just talking cold reality. As Jefferson famously stated, "let no more be heard of confidence in men ..."

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hear, hear!

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I hear ya ... but that won't get you anywhere. The Republican Party is part of the problem. The stimulus in early '08 and TARP both, were carefully wrapped gifts, with big giant bows on them, for the coming freight-train of machine politics and economic fascism with the Obama administration. Remember too, it was McCain who "suspended" his campaign to sign your grandchildrens paychecks away and also wanted to buy up everyone's mortgage. The truth is, not much would be different if McCain had been elected.

Get behind individual politicians only. You owe no loyalty to the Republican Party. It's just a bureaucracy, nothing more. Think about it like this: How many more times does she have to cheat on you before you finally end the relationship?

Using your example of Bush and Perot, what exactly would "we the people" have won? Nothing. I cold-called night after night as a volunteer to elect Bush the Elder. Talk about getting burned.

Don't vote to oppose, it's a wasted vote. The margins are to wide for one vote to "beat" someone. Send a message by voting for what you believe instaed. Pay attention to what's in your heart. The only way your vote can get a voice, is to vote directly for what you believe.

The Perot story only proves a 3rd party can win anyways. Quite frankly, the Goldwater story proves it too. If you genuinely want the Republican Party to change ... it's time to let the party go. They are not the only viable option.

Markets work. The party won't change until they're forced to change. Thanks to the Bush/Obama Bailout Extravaganzaa, "we the people" don't have enough time, money or freedom left to risk it all on another "Republican" or "Democrat".

God help us all.

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I've spent the past 15 years in the finance industry, both brokerage and banking. You won't be wrong. What's taking place right now is basically just a dead-cat bounce. The major layoffs, dealer closings, and plant closings within the auto industry is just starting ... California ... etc. Real estate continues to drop. And of course, paper money in and of itself, cannot create wealth.

Bush's "infusion" was every bit as criminal as Obama's, not helpful in any way. No excuses.

The best economic indicator out there right now is the rise in savings. Because savings is that which drives the economy, not spending. Savings is capital.

If printing money could actually "grow" the economy, then we'd praise counterfeiting instead of criminalizing it. But we criminalize counterfeiting, because it destroys the value of our earned dollars.

The Fed printing money is no different than if a counterfeiter created did it. There is no magic "multiplier." Add to that, the Fed can't even account for over $9 trillion spent!

I hate being such a doom and gloomer, but it is what it is. Unfortunately, you're gonna wish it was only Obama's Iraq.

Democrat, Republican, it doesn't matter ... it's all a screw job!

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