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They've already been bringing a bunch of new writers to the show over the last few seasons.

His credits aren't all that impressive, but he does seem to show a certain eclectic taste that would appear to mesh well with G4's bizarre streaks. Plus no one involved with this show except maybe Lauren Faust had a particularly impressive portfolio beforehand.

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Focus more on CMC development would be my guess/hope.

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There's a reason why video games never seem to make good movies. I'd much rather they focus on the feelings of the characters instead of forcing them into grand setpieces like the anthem and the ice cloud.

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There is a middle ground, you know. My point is it if it wasn't going to further the story (Spike's nervousness was already established w/ the cauldron), there was no point in wasting two precious minutes with that scene.

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It might have been if there were any real consequences from it. But everyone just brushed it aside as if it was just a mild goofup.

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Yesterday's episode was a microcosm of everything that frustrates me about this series. It still keeps my attention with its funny jokes and appealing visuals, but the way they structure their stories has and continues to be a source of palpable disappointment. They build up the story with promise, but they half-ass the resolution. I know they are limited by the 22-minute runtime, but there is a way to make meaningful character development out of that (cutting out that idiotic and unfunny anthem scene would've been a start, especially since it seems everyone but Spike forgot about it instantly)

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Insane coincidence: when I started this clip Jay-Z's rap interlude on "Crazy in Love" was playing on the radio. It fit almost perfectly.

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Baseball is canon

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As much as I hated the season 3 finale, there was actual feeling there. I've felt nothing about most of the S4 episodes. It feels like the writers are just going through the motions now. There's very little element of surprise anymore, and what there is is of the negative kind (i.e. the plot takes a more convenient or nonsensical direction than I was hoping for).

I really fear I'm losing interest in the series, unfortunately.

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Seems Season 4 is truly going to be a full-blown serial and every episode is going to have some connection to a previous one. Me likey.