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My observation is that “some” individuals are unaware that marriage is a celebration on public display until after the event.

“Some” individuals dwell on image as a form of self esteem and sell themselves short by selling themselves out. Reality in image is an act displayed and projected to gain self importance to fill some void that wants attention.

The Wedding Ring Effect: After the wedding celebration is over “some of them” realise what happened. They know they belong to a group that has experienced the same realisation. What left to do? Attention re-commences on another level - competition begins – the stakes get higher – risk involved – forbidden fruit? What does that “mean”? Obviously an adrenalin rush of excitement. What is excitement? Ex? An unknown variable – an unknown quantity – now that spells scary to me.

When I was married someone did latch on to my husband. That didn’t hurt me. What hurt me was the deception. And – no! I didn’t have a flashy wedding. We eloped!.

Generally guppies live between 1 to 2 years. The life span depends on the temperature of the tank. If they have a life without diseases they should live more than one year easily. Putting guppies under stress also shortens their lives. Pregnant for ¾ weeks. The babies can be released when they are large enough to not get swallowed by another fish.

Where is the comparison? Apparently guppies love orange - reading from the information link given. I looked into the colour orange it represents sexuality and reproduction.

I think there is a large number of people who have never experienced what they need so they go on what they “think” they “want” – physical excitement.

This is my opinion. I am glad I am not a guppy!

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Hi Samantha - thanks for commenting. It has been 6 days now .

I am trying to wake each day aware and acknowledging that the "moment" is "fresh" and it has no smoke in it.

It would appear easier for me to accept - rather than stating "I have stopped smoking".

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I read something about the bumble bee. Something along the lines ... the reason why the bumble can fly is because no one told it that it could'nt. I was born in New Zealand and I was fascinated with them. They were like flying balls of shaded cotton wool to me with a beautiful humming sound when they gently glided by! I LIKE the article. Thank You.

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what is in the image is quite true actually - we do it all the time and sometimes use even smaller plates and have 2 each of them ;) thanks Ilker :)

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smart huh! the male in the image above looks full of content. when asked if i am happy i just feel as he looks (well almost!) content. great entry i enjoyed the beautiful pictures and the pioneering way in which these people gathered their needs in a simple practical form of logic. just imagine being there - wow! breathtaking.

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I agree Outraged

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Which Hat Ilker do you think would be mine - hmmm? A White hat with Yellow spots a Green rim a Blue triangle converging at the peak of the hat with small Red stars. I don't know where I would put the Black ;)

Why? why not! - that is a great article Ilker. Hats off again! - second thoughts - keep your hat on.

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too much red wine? everyday? makes sense about the clay :).

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derrick you are right. stay true to yourself and you shall succeed. i love the term sui generis. sounding so generous :). your space here looks sharp, clean and well organized. :). ilker does great work in all different places :). sharon

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thanks ilker :)