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Wait! Ferrous Oxide has a value!?? We're rich!!!!

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I mean, it's got a black button, that if you press it, lights up a black bulb that also turns on a black screen with black letters......

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BLEVE BLEVE BLEVE. Dunno. Just like saying it......

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OMG!OMG! Somebody saw my post!!! Ya'll really DO love me!!! lol

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Texlenin walks into the main clubroom, noting the blaster marks on the walls and ceiling, the burns from the improvised thermite grenades and Molotov cocktails, the crisp stench of burnt spam only now beginning to fade.
As he moves toward his favorite window-side chair, he catches the eye of each and every member still conscious, wincing at the
multitude of lacerations, bruising and bloodloss. None have escaped injury, and he can see exhaustion in every face.
He turns slowly and addresses the group, voice low and level.
"Gentleman, you have fought the good fight. Rest now. We Will Rebuild."

Glad to start the new year with all my interwebby friends available again.

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Will we be able to get that as a T-shirt soon, please? Pleeeeeesssssee??

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Not much of a fire...seen bigger at the local b-b-q joint.

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Does anybody not factcheck these things?? A Cylon Raider at 180 meters long!! And 1500 metric tonnes!! Lol, one of those is the Nostromo from Alien, upside down. Guess which one? Waddingtons, I am disappoint......

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Electric Bob Hits the Road, or Where'd You Put the Soup Can?
Electric Bob Vs The Church of the Subgenius, or Please Stop Touching Me There
Electric Bob meets the O'Farrell Brothers
Electric Bob and Tom Swift on the Warpath, or Vengeance Against The Mundanes
Electric Bob and Nibbles the Wonder Telekinographic Hamster Meet Robor, King Of The Air.

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That's no moon.....
What do we collectively think of the Cosmos reboot?