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Thanks Art! Hopefully it's not TOO late in life for me. :-) Running has really helped me not just to be in better physical health it also gives me time to think and to be thankful for all that is right, keeping the things that are not quite right in better perspective.

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Thanks for the comment Mary! You were one of the early people to get people exercising at Gold Systems. I’m just sorry it took me so long to come around!


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Good question! No, it does not come with a stylus, but I happened to have a stylus here and just played with OneNote and it seems to do good handwriting recognition. It also seems to allow you to do it anywhere as it has a “handwriting” keyboard that can be selected. So far, so good . . .

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Thanks Verna!

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Thank you David! I am thinking about how to get back to Adelaide. It was the best running experience of my life to run run the S2S and to meet people from SARRC. Everyone was so friendly and it has inspired me to do more. I hear the Summit to Sea is even harder but I imagine it is great to see the ocean as you make your way down out of the hills. Someday!

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Thanks George! I won't be back for investor day, but I'll be watching the live stream. I really hope we meet again. I believe in what you are doing, and your team's ability to make it work. (You too Alex! :-) ) Take care and let me know if I can help.

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Just an update here, maybe it will help someone else. After letting the WHS repari the database, I lost all of my old backups, but I was able to create new backups. The next morning however I found that I had database errors again. This time I found a document at Microsoft.com that talked about how to deal with errors, and one of the things it suggested was to update Windows before doing the repair. I ran Windows update, and sure enough there were a bunch of updates to be done. I was surprised that when all the updates were done and the reboots had finished (there were several) that errors had disappeared and everything seems to be working now except for remote access which I expect is a firewall issues.

I wonder if I had done all the updates before trying to repair the database if I would not have lost my backups. I don't care enough to restore the old database, upgrade, install the updates and spend 2 or 3 days in the process, but I do wonder. If you are getting errors, make sure the system is updated completely before doing the repair.

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I got my disks about a week ago, then a few days later got a Fedex of a piece of paper saying the disks were mislabeled. It was confusing, but I figured it out and started the upgrade process last night. I had backed up my server so I wasn't too worried. Late last night it came up, and I installed the clients on a couple of machines but then I got an error on the WHS console saying there were database errors that needed to be corrected.

I got a warning that if I allowed WHS to correct the errors, I might lose data, but I figured I didn't really have a choice. The correction process ran all night and I woke this morning to find that my shared folders seem to be intact, but all of my backups are gone. Since I have a machine that is flaky right now, I decided to go ahead and back it up while I think about whether I would rather have the new software and no backups, or to go through the pain of restoring my WHS and sticking to the old software.

Has anyone recovered their old backups? I'm assuming I'm not the only one to experience this. I appreciate that HP created the update for an older machine, but the execution of it could have been better.

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I haven’t used the other comment systems. Since Intense Debate was acquired by the people who make Typepad, I’m guessing I might see even better support in the future. Also a lot of people that I know use Intense Debate since the company was founded here in Boulder, Colorado.

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I did an email campain to the representatives (none of which even acknowledged my emails) and I pointed out that the problem with trying to tax software like this is that it would be so easy for companies to just move it out of state. I didn't realize at the time that affiliates would be attacked, or that it would be even easier than I imagined. My point was if they wanted to raise revenue, they should come up with a different plan, because this one wasn't going to work very well and it would hurt Colorad companies and employees in the process.