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SO - Somebody Please Tell Me How to Upload Pictures from the Dallas Tea Party on Here! Glenn Said to Post the Pictures! Anyone???

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I attended and helped out a bit at the DALLAS TEA PARTY AT SOUTHFORK RANCH!!! Woot!!! We had probably around 100,000 people there! No kidding! It was awesome! Tons of local, state, and national speakers as well as Captain Scott O'grady - an American hero - and the Captain of the Navy Ship that rescued him - they were reunited! Activities for kids, good food, and tons of booths from freedom loving organizations. Fireworks awesome! Lots of signing up going on too!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you - for you sacrifice, your hard work and efforts, and for communicating with us so well and often. You are doing a great job and I pray the Lord will continue to bless us all to achieve His desired ends. Kudos to you!

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You do not need to believe in God in order for Him to exist as He does. The day will come that you will stand before Him. Just as you can deny gravity, and yet you are bound by its laws, you can deny God and yet are bound by His basic laws. Within every man is the Spirit of Christ, which tells you that God is real and that is more out there than just this earth. You are free to deny it. But it does not change that eternal fact. God has not always existed as such, and did actually have a Creator Himself. That is what "eternity" is all about. When a person gets out of the 'kindergarten' stage of his understanding of God, then he will be ready for the "elementary" stage. I cannot share with you the "upper elementary" stage of why God exists, without actually having you sit down with someone to learn and understand the "kindergarten" stage first. Your claim amounts to a pre-K child telling an 8th grader that Algebra doesn't exist. And it's ok, if that is how you wish to live. I respect that. I must respect that if I want others to respect my beliefs. However, I will not seek you out to argue with you about it, as you have done on this forum. You do not believe in the 9/12 project and you therefore should not be part of this group. If you'd like to learn and grow and come to believe in the 9/12's then you are free to do so, but please do not waste our time any further by arguing. It serves no purpose whatsoever. If, on the other hand, you are seeking further knowledge, then let me know and I would be happy to put you in contact with someone in your area who can help you learn the kindergarten steps. (I'm not using the word "kindergarten" in any way as an insult, please know that. It is simply as a reference in viewpoint.) May God continue to bless your lungs to keep on breathing, your heart to keep on beating, and your brain to keep life within it. May you come to the knowledge of your dependence on Him one day.

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John Locke, in his "Essay Concerning Human Understanding" pointed out that "it defies the most elementary aspects of reason and experience to presuppose that everything in existence developed as a result of fortuitous cirumcstance. The mind, for example, will not accept the proposition that the forces of nature, churning, about among themselves, would ever produce a watch, or even a lead pencil, let alone the marvelous intricacies of the human eye, the ear, or even the simplest of the organisms found in nature. All these are the product of intelligent design and high-precision. engineering.
"Locke felt that a person who calls himself an "atheist" is merely confessing that he has never dealt with the issue of the Creator's existence. Therefore, to Locke an atheist would be to that extent "irrational," and out of touch with reality; in fact, out of touch with THE most important and fundamental reality.
"Lock insisted that everyone can know there is a divine Creator. It is simply a case of thinking about it.
"To begin with, each person knows that he exists... Furthermore, each person knows that he is SOMETHING. He also knows that a SOMETHING could not be produced by a NOTHING. Therefore, whatever brought man and everything else into existence also had to be SOMETHING.
"It follows that this SOMETHING which did all of this organizing and arranging would have to be all-knowing to the full extent required for such an organization and arrangement.
"This SOMETHING would therefore have to be superior to everything which had resulted from this effort. This element of superiority makes this SOMETHING the ultimate "good" for all that has been organized and arranged. In the Anglo-Saxon language, the word for supreme or ultimate good is "God." (The 5,000 Year Leap, p.96)

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1.) Put God back into life. This is a Judeo-Christian nation, and God Himself promises to guide us and protect us so long as we follow Him. Allow us, the people, our freedom to include God whenever and whenever we deem right.
2.) Allow people to suffer the bad/negative consequences of their choices, rather than always "saving" them from them.
3.) We must reach out and influence this nation, one person at a time, to put their trust/faith in God again.

Only then do we have a chance of really turning things around!