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we have the spirit, we have the numbers. We need the voice

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It will be included free of charge with free contraceptives and discount coupons for abortion in the nearest Catholic run institution by Obama goons in the progressives field kit. The 99% are on the top of the list to get it.

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There is only ONE person with huevos in the same league as AB and that person is the retired US Army colonel, Congressman from the State of Florida: Allan West.
If the movement against the piecemeal dismantling of this great nation by the current crew in Washington DC is to survive, we need a leader, a born leader. Congressman West should become a spokesperson for Big sites and let's keep that ball rolling to November 6.
I will keep posting this thought in different places and see what kind of response it gets. Andrew lives!

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RIP brother, we will soldier on.

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There were Internet tidbits suggesting that actually Panetta gave the OK to go in earlier then BO made up his whimpy mind. According to the same source, the total holdout against the mission until the very end was Valerie Jarrett.

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Excellent sampler of Pat Buchanan's eruptions on items related to neocons, Jewish minority in the US and events related to history of the WWII. We know all too well where he stands on these. He is engaging in very highly (by todays standards) incendiary opinions and points of view. He should not be silenced as MSNBC had done. It is precisely that kind of speech, ugly speach I might add, that is in need of protection by the First Amandment and I hope others can separate chaff from the grain reading his columns. What troubles me personally is how frequently Pat Buchanan is spot on describing what currrently ails this country, inspite of his highly unpleasant aforementioned side. He appears to be more of a polemicist in a departed Christopher Hitchens mold then a real historian.

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I am not sure if this carries as a historical fact, but Clinton WAS impeached by the House and NOT convicted of his crime by the Senate, hence he stayed in the Office.

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We are looking at the face of "eminence grise"of Obama administration. It is the face of pure, unadultereted evil.

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Progressives' wettest dreams are always induced by that kind of associations. Sad.

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Your comment is very much appreciated.