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This is way off topic BrendainKs, but where are you from in Kansas? I was born and raised in Wallace County but moved several years ago. I still have family all through-out Western Kansas. More importantly ... Wildcat or Jayhawk?

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This may help. These are from earlier threads and I wish I were clever enought to post the actual links. But I'll post a 'cut-and-pasted' version with both thanks and apologies to DBCoop and DeerSpring;

Beehivestate asked in a recent post the ARV of the prize, including home, cash, car and club membership. Then Cebe46 responded with the correct approximate values for the prize package and also for the cash value option.

For those who are curious to know the exact numbers listed in the Sweepstakes rules, the ARV for the Grand Prize totals $2,089,400. The cash option is $1,377,000, which includes $1,050,000 for the home, the $250,000 cash prize, and the $77,000 GMC Yukon Denali.

Take your choice. Either way, you'll be sitting pretty after all is said and done. - See more at: http://blog.hgtv.com/sweepstakes/2013/12/27/enter...

So, if you win, will you keep the home or take the money and run? The following info may help you decide! : )

"14 Reasons Why You Want to Win the HGTV Dream Home 2014" http://www.frontdoor.com/coolhouses/14-reasons-wh....

"Income Tax Consequences..." http://www.keypolicydata.com/blog-archives/income....

"HGTV Dream Home 2014 Fact Sheet" http://www.scrippsnetworksinteractive.com/newsroo.... - See more at: http://blog.hgtv.com/sweepstakes/2013/12/27/enter...

I hope this helps.

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Well stated. But I realize that these houses will never be all things to all people. For every one of us that do not have children still at home, there are others with numerous grand children. Do I need this four- bunk-four-TV room ... certainly not. But neither do I need an indoor 'doggie' space. But I sense that many of you love this addition. Should I and my wife be fortunate enough to win ... and then find the wherewithal to take possession ... the BR becomes an office and the other a closet. Why ... because this house has zero storage. I can only then hope to find the money to add cabinets and a food pantry in the kitchen area. Eugenia27 hit the nail on the head; great vacation home, but as a place for day-to-day living, perhaps not so much. The consolation prize is looking very, very attractive.

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First … a huge thank you to Deer Spring for confirming what I’ve always suspected. That is, for the majority of us the ‘cash option’ is the prudent choice. It’s nice to actually see the real (although estimated) tax burden on winning and then taking possession of the house. God bless you if you can pull it off. It would take every bit of my far-better-half and my retirement savings to do it. How we would then address the annual property taxes and still put beans on the table remains to be seen. Still … that’s why it’s called a ‘dream’ isn’t it?

But, perhaps more importantly, am I missing something? There seems to be a dearth of storage space throughout the house. As I look at the plans I just don’t see many options. Granted, as I look at nooks and crannies it is difficult to imagine their size, but they seem small to me. Looks like tough luck for the dog!

There are three located in the garage … one of which I’m assuming is a utility closet for water and electrics and another with both in-garage and outside access for, I’m guessing implements (think snow shovel, etc.)

The master bedroom has only one closet and I can’t get a feel for the size. But even now we have separate walk-in closets … and we’re far from living ‘large.’ All other BR’s have the expected closet.
I remain curious about the kitchen storage. Yes … there appears to be ample space under the island. But with a kick-space provided for the seating on the opposite side, I wonder about the depth. And at mine and my wife’s ages it is becoming difficult to bend down to retrieve items. For us, wall cabinets remain a better option for those daily used plates and glasses. I’m sure they will have pull-out shelves, but still….. And is the cabinet to the left of the refrigerator the only food pantry? Perhaps it’s a ruse to make me eat less. Dang ‘em….

Someone out there make me smart. I just wonder about where to put the 'stuff' we accumulate over ones lifetime. Holiday decorations come to mind....

And finally, re the automatic fill-in option. I’m an old guy and by no means hi-tech. But if I enter at work the auto-fill works (line-by-line) and on the home computer it doesn’t. I couldn’t begin to tell you why.

Good luck to all and Happy New Year! I’ll be at work tonight and pray I don’t see you!