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I really liked this article about "CASH FOR CLUNKERS" So I thought I would share

Wag the dog "Cash for Corporate Welfare" scam would normally be crucified by liberals

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Not trying to be funny here, but I recall seeing this in a movie once. Too bad I cannot recall what movie it was because it's driving me nuts. But, seriously the administration saves face because he is not himself going yet Kim is getting something besides a photo opp. He did not pardon those two girls, who thankfully are coming home, for a picture. Men like him don't do things out of the good of their heart, they must get something tangable in return. Unfortunetly we will probably never know what Mr. Clinton promised, that the administration had absolutely noooo idea about (but they did) and Mr. Clinton had absolutely noooo authority to offer(but he did). It is essentially a joke and the more time that passes the less I believe is being said. They are all very shady characters who think they are smarter than the average bear.

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I have stopped watching am/pm news on the big three. However, last night I saw Charles Gibson was doing a story on this very issue. Yes, they did state that we are all "stage props" brought in by the right to down play the need for health care reform. I was so angry because you only need open your eyes and ears and can hear the concern and anger in these peoples voices. The reason you find them on youtube, for those watching these boards is so that people can see what the big three government media stations are not showing. I can only hope that like everything else that our government has taken control of abc, nbc & cbs go bankrupt. But then again I guess it would just end up costing us money as they are too big to fail. Note, do we need reform, yes but not the reform that is being perscribed by D.C. We need to open the market across state lines, torte reform and the like, not Canadian style medicine. It amazes me that when "Hilary Care" was introduced NO person wanted Canadian medicine, but now they introduce the same and soo much worse and wow its the best thing since sliced bread and think we don't pay attention enough to understand. What kind of idiots did we put into office?

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You forgot the most important thing of all. More important that fixing the economy, healthcare, auto industry....Jetsetting around the world with his family! Come-on he made a promise to Michelle and that is the first priority!

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Thanks Piratenpink.

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NancyNurse, I have heard from a source, that some docs are discussing that if this thing passes, they intend to not accept any insurance and just charge a flat fee for private care.

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Exactly! Do as i say not as I do! I am not sure how anyone cannot see the relation between his actions and a foreign dictator. Dare I say it is starting to remind me of Suddam in his palace while the "common" people struggle. Next thing you know we will find out everything is being gold plated in the White House. His actions speak volumes about not only his character but his intentions.

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Do you have a link to the copy from what you are reading that I can view & send out?

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No he said the other night and I quote "This isn't about me, I have excellent healthcare".

It is kind of the King mentality. Just tossing crumbs to the poor people below. I think its a slap in the face that he has been hired to do a job and is more concerned with taking his wife & kids on the greatest adventures of their lives while our country is in turmoil. Need a break go to camp david like every other Pres. before you. He wasn't hired to travel the globe or provide his family with an elite lifestyle. You don't get to take a vacation when you are President of the United States, sorry. Don't care what you promise Michelle!

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Nice to meet everyone! I'm Trish 40 now at home mom, born in San Antonio and moved to Ohio young. But still a Texan at heart! Love to go back & visit family. Married 12years to the greatedst man in the world. 2kids our son a surviving twin born early & georgious daughter w/ my spunky texan spirit. Dad, siblings & husband all have srvd in military. Didn't think McCain was gutsy enough but liked Palin. Love computers (Mac & PC), careers in Hotels, Catering, Group Sales & Marketing. Like to golf when I am stressed & Im worried about my kids future and the future of my country. I'm also a research-a-holic sending legislation highlight flyers w/links for people to read actual legislation themselves. Always communicating with my reps (& others reps too). Hubby & I have watched Glen since he was on that "other" station....Amazed @ how many people we come across who don't like whats happening in DC and encourage them to get involved. BTW im the oldest of six kids I don't really belong to a party. My youngest sibling is 17 and thinks he knows it all:O) still trying to get him to read & think.