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Cognitive dissonance at it's finest.


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Mr. Harper has proven time and again that he does not play well with others. Instead of listening to the Canadian people and working within the confines of a minority parliament, he acts like a four year old and plays games with ultimatums (confidence votes on everything) and brinksmanship.

Harper would rather the chance to vilify the left than the opportunity to work with the representatives of the Canadian people.

Harper is not here for Canada - he's here for big oil, the correction lobby and big business.

When will he ever accept the premise of a question? Is this not a sign of a man suffering from cognitive dissonance? Do you want a PM that can't justify his worldview within reality?

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The complaint filing would seem to be a bit of an afterthought from the Conservatives to try and gloss over Sona's actions. He's not just a comms director in the campaign, he's also a staffer in Ottawa.

Let the allegations be investigated by EC, but let them also investigate Sona's actions and take appropriate action against the candidate he represents.

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Hey - register and then you'll have your name locked in!

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Interesting how no one in the CPC wants to explain exactly how they are screening people. Hiding behind 'security' measures, obfuscating who's in charge of what, deferring to unnamed staffers. Seems typical really.

I'm an admitted partisan, but another CPC government would seem to be akin to G.W. Bush's second term - leaving the world scratching their heads and wondering what happened.

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Hey con bot - your circuits are showing! Genco was never an MP, but a candidate for the Liberal party. He lost the nomination for this election and decided to throw a tantrum.

Keep it up Josh, you're not being too obvious or anything.

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You mean the same Duffy who used outtakes of an interview to make it look like Dion couldn't speak English when it was a technical issue with his ear monitor? Okay Bergkamp, da proof is da proof I guess.

You know, it is entirely possible that this man, this Ignatieff, is actually committing to being an open and transparent leader. Just because Harper pulled the wool over your eyes doesn't mean everyone will. I know that Stockholm Syndrome is difficult to detect, but you may just want to open your eyes a little bit further towards your own man rather than Iggy.

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Exactly - because you only 'dare to talk back to some of you' - not all. ;0)

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Colby, in my (biased) opinion, you're missing the point. Is it valid to questions Ignatieff's qualifications to be PM? Of course. Is it valid to make one of those criteria his patriotism? Yes. Should we question his patriotism today? Probably not - the man has been an MP since 2006 having won his seat twice like some of the 307 others in the House. To echo Anon above, had he immediately won a seat and gone to the polls seeking to be PM, this might be valid.

The ad that you used at the top of the article came on last night when I was watching television - initially I thought that the LPC war room was doing a send up of an attack ad because the ad almost does seem to be saying "Michael Ignatieff is a strong leader" - but then it was clear the the LSoT put it out, probably quite quickly and with little to no originality.

I think the better question, in the end, is: "Which person is going to make the best leader?" not "Which person is most qualified based on these arbitrary set of conditions?".

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I concur with all other replies - off limits. As a member of the #lpc I don't want to make this campaign about Harper's supposed troubles at home - I want to make it about his troubles as PM.