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I haven't even been able to comment on this. It hurts too much. I am just too crushed.

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I feel for the Republicans in Hollywood, they are really up against it, cause no one is hateful, bigoted, and intolerant like a liberal.

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I have always thought Cameron Diaz bears all the signs of having earned her breaks on the casting couch.

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Rosie O'Donnell could play Monica.

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Thanks for that, I had heard that theory and I agree with it, he largely failed in his attempts. But I felt like he acted like people's friend while trying to ruin their lives. I have run across people like that and they are scum. As a celebrity doing it on a large scale however, he was considered brilliant. In reality, if you ever run across a person like this in real life I guarantee you will not think they are brilliant. On the contrary you will probably sue them if the law allows.

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I have refused to watch him at all since I saw Borat, which disgusted me. I thought he acted on immoral pretenses pretty much throughout the entire movie and treated pretty much everyone in it like dirt. Did I laugh sometimes? Yes, at some of his colloquialisms, but you have to admit that if anyone treated you the way he treated people in that film you wouldn't like them at all. He did it on such a large scale though that people pretty much had to smile and say it was brilliant.

Anyway I am pretty sure almost everyone will disagree with me on this, but since you asked, J Danknich, that's my opinion of him. EDIT: And the fact that he bagged Isla Fisher has disgruntled me even further. : )

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I know, the irony is that Brown is labeling CM Punk's fame as transitory but is completely clueless as to how disposable his own "music" is. His over-inflated self-importance is pretty damn funny. Yeah buddy, people won't remember your crap in about 5 minutes, let alone 10 years.

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“We can sit and point fingers and say Obama’s not doing his job, but you’re supposed to do your job,”

So Obama's not doing his job because we aren't doing our jobs? Or wait, is he saying some people don't do their job, so Obama shouldn't be expected to do his job? Or is it that we should be doing Obama's job for him? I'm lost. What about people who don't have jobs because Obama's not doing his job?

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Yeah, that's why I say the movement is leftist; I think if kids just read the books and left it at that (like they would have before the internet), they would get conservative messages as much as liberal ones; but the problem is they like the books so they go to websites, etc., and there they are indoctrinated by others' interpretations of the books (Voldemort and Umbridge are Republicans, etc.).

I agree with you though that a lot of these people don't even know what they are talking about. They find ways to cram anything they like into Democrat, anything that they don't like into Republican, without regard to the reality of the respective ideologies.

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Yeah I read that article, here is my comment from that post, which was on page 2 of the comments:

"Well I am kind of late to this party, but here goes.

Rowling is a bigtime lefty, even naming her daughter Jessica after Jessica Mitford, the English communist writer who is Rowling's hero. Further, the entire fandom that has sprung up around Harry Potter is leftist, focusing on such issues as gay rights and global warming. Have you been to the website of The Harry Potter Alliance? They compare global warming deniers to the Ministry of Magic (in the books) in how the Ministry denied that Voldemort had returned. I'm not saying all fans of the books are leftists, I am saying the officially sanctioned fandom is made up largely of leftists (i.e., Rowling supports these sites and what they are saying).

Ahem, that being said, I totally agree with your assessment. Great article. Sums it up beautifully. One of the writers on BH once said that whenever leftists try to create a liberal hero, they often wind up unintentionally creating a conservative hero. I think that is what Rowling has done.

One example of this is Dolores Umbridge. I remember in the comments on an HP site once, someone was comparing Dolores Umbridge to the Republicans (well, like I said pretty much everyone on those sites is a leftist). And all I could think was, 'Are you kidding me? Dolores Umbridge is big government bringing change to Hogwarts. Sound familiar?' (This was right around the time of the 2008 elections). Another time a big point was being made that the books supported some leftist view (I forget what it was now), and I replied that one could just as easily say the books were anti-government because Harry is constantly at odds with the corrupt and inept Ministry of Magic. I got flamed and called names."