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Went to a Tea Party in Augusta, Maine with my 3 kids. Great turnout and we took lots of photos. I posted them on my facebook page and also I have a few links and groups about The 912 projects. WOW, did some of my family have negative words for me. Called me crazy and said they are worried about me. They must not have actually read anything on this page. One is a teacher from San Fran. CA. go figure.

Does anyone else get that kind of response??

How should I, or should I even respond. I try to always be positive and stay neutral. It's to bad people act on emotion rather than reason. No response is probably best, no matter what you say they won't listen.
We are the silent majority and people need to start seeing that.

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I just signed it and passed it on to the organizer for the Maine Tea Party!! Hope many more sign!

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My family and I will be attending a Tea Party in Augusta, Maine on April 15th. We are all wearing RED WHITE & BLUE, my children have American flags to hold and we will all be wearing our 912ER PINS (
Its a great time to teach my kids the importance of Liberty, Freedom, and what it means to be an American!

Has anyone heard about the results of the teabag mailings on the 1st, the media sure hasn't said anything.
I hope NObama and Polossy enjoyed theirs!