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Know I'm late to this party, but about that ad ... Strange how the text box is shaped so that "Nig" can be seen, but not "htly News." I'm sure its a coincidence, right Media Research Center?

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Knew I'd read this crap before: http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2010/04/30/217381...

Fucking thieves. Fuck them.

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Fair's fair. Obama made some supportive comments today and Ben Bernake (!) did too just yesterday (Technically not a politician, but still).

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Another Wonkette Junior? I thought they were all Ken Layne.

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"Raising the Social Security eligibility age to 70 for those born in 1973 or after would save $152 billion over 10 years but would also mean a 10 percent loss in benefits for those now in their mid- to late 40s"

I've literally lost 10 years of my life somewhere.

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Sorry. As apoplectic as the folks at MSNBC get over their coworker running for president, they seem to be fairly incompetent when it comes to doing actual journalist-type stuff (like finding out if a show produced in their building is live or taped). So the cable news division spends its prime time hours literally screaming the name of the entertainment division’s star, signifying nothing . I believe Jack Donaghy would call that “synergy.”
Can I have my phone back now?

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The one person who looks like a bigger asshole that Trump in all of this? Lawerence O'Donnell, who just got scooped when someone called a woman three cubicles over.

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I know earnestness has no place at Wonkette but this has been obsessing me …
Putting aside what Ms. Palin (and others) may have meant by using this phrase, I am having trouble with what it actually means.
Does the libel refer to the sacrifice itself, or the lie that such sacrifices took (take) place?
I originally interpreted it to mean that libel in this context meant something like sully or denigrate, which is what the Jews did to the blood - That Jews engaged in blood libel. The victim of a blood libel is the Christian and the perpetrator are "the Jews"
Applying this interpretation to her metaphor would be this: Pundits (the Jews) are murdering Sarah Palin (Christians).
But in reading the etymology of the word libel, it seems to be focus solely on the act of writing or printing a lie.
So now I'm under the impression that the libel is the lie that such things took place and the victim are Jewish people and perpetrators are those who spread the lie.
Pundits (Christians, czarists etc.) lie about Sarah Palin's (The Jews') practices.
Please help, Wonkateers!