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LTTE may have done suicide bombings on few targets in Sri Lanka only due the desperation of what the governments have been doing to the Tamils and Tamils area. However, there are many more stories created by Sri Lankan Government to portray Tamils Tigers as Terrorists.

There is a terrorist group in Sri Lanka and that is the government terrorizing the Tamils and anybody who supports Tamils interests including Sinhalese media, foreign aids, independent media, Tamil Politicians and independent monitors.

Sri Lankan Army bombs and shells Tamils in Sri Lanka everyday targeting Tamils Civilians, just because they are the government and the bombs are not tied to a person, the government can get away with their atrocities?

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Most Tamils in Sri Lanka have seen the other side of LTTE; who tries to keep Sri Lankan Army's torture, rape and killings at bay for North & East, who have evolved to sit down for peace talks with the Sri Lankan government, who have managed to help out the Tamils during Tsunami when the Government sent most of the aids to south and many more. Tamils Tigers have definitely made their share of mistakes in their evolution as they are not a planned political party or even rebels - initially they were bunch of young men trying to protect Tamils when all ahimsa protests were only met with violence from the Sri Lankan government(s). Tamils Tigers are doing what the government should have for Tamils. Sri Lankan Government is treating Tamils as they are not even its citizens. Hence why not let Tamils separate? Let Tamils have our own country in the North & East. Sri Lanka (when it was known as Ceylon) had two separate countries, a Tamil and a Sinhalese, before British colonial power came to Sri Lanka. The island had lots of stability in that arrangement and that's what we need again.

We will continue to protest in every way possible to overcome the anarchy of Sri Lankan Government and Army.

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According to Google AFP media a 'Sinhalese' in USA told during the protest that - "They say 'genocide' because it's an eye-catching word that appeals to the Western public," said Sena Basnayake, a Washington-based lawyer of Sri Lankan descent. "But genocide means the systematic annihilation of one race by another race. It does not exist in any sense of the term." - However the lawyer does not know that the Sri Lankan Government(s) have been doing systematic annihilation of Tamils for last 60 years. May be he should read another Sinhalese friend's view at http://www.greenleft.org.au/2009/780/40219 It is easy to hide your head in the sand and say everything is fine, but it is hard for Tamils to do that as we are the ones enduring the marginalization, and destruction. May be Sena Basnayake can explain why the government choose to destroy the Jaffna Library - which is a huge cultural loss for Tamils. Would not he call that a cultural genocide when Tamils in Sri Lanka lost 95000 volumes of irreplaceable manuscripts? You can read the full story of the destruction of at :http://www.lankanewspapers.com/news/2007/2/12218_...

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Wikipedia defintions are created by 'anybody can provide & edit' format, which is dangerous to be quoted as an official definition. Sri Lankan Government has a paid propaganda group who spends time on editing terms related to Tamils suffering for last 60 years in Wikipedia. Read the Black July 1983 in wikipedia and read <a href="http://www.blackjuly83.com/EventsofBlackJuly.htm" target="_blank">http://www.blackjuly83.com/EventsofBlackJuly.htm from the survivors, then you will know the difference and how the wikipedia is being used as a propaganda machine for Sri Lankan Government.

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The Sri Lankan government and Army have been known for rape, torture and killings and you can read them at the following links:

Sri Lanka: Rape in custody:

Sri Lanka: Fear of torture / medical concern / death in custody:

Sri Lankan Government is known for media suppression as well:




Sri Lankan Government(s) are known for their violations of human rights by the United Nations charter:


This just gives you the glimpse of what the Sri Lankan Government(s) and Army have done to Tamils in Sri Lanka.