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My favorite Winter soup is beer cheese soup, seriously good and filling.

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Hi Patty,
Studies actually show that those who skip meals tend to overeat at their next meal. So, making sure to eat regularly throughout the day is the way to go. Thanks for your comment.

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Hi Patty,
I think your best bet is to find a registered dietitian in your area who can talk to you about your specific dietary needs. Go to eatright.org (which is the official site of the American Dietetic Association) and click on the green bar where it says "Find a registered dietitian." Thanks for your comment!

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Hi @brittandmatt,
Since you're in University, you may want to eat some of these foods to help fuel your brain. You can also check out this previous post on smarter late night snacks. Thanks for your comment!

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Hi Lady Bee,
I agree with you on the allergy issue--but that was not the reason why they banned it. The spokesperson for the New York City Health Department said that they banned it because they could not control the calories.

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Hi Mary,
Thanks for your comment. If you are worried about the BPA in canned foods, some companies (like Eden foods) make BPA-free cans. You can also opt for frozen choices instead.

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Hi MuLaN,
Thanks for your comment. You can read about the British study in this news article. Scientists seem hopeful and a big trial study is now in the works but the article does warn people not to try it on their own.

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Thanks for your comment. Coconut oil is a hot debate--you can read more information on the topic in our previous post.

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Hi Sharron,
Thanks for your comment. Since everyone has individual needs based on medical history and other factors, it's best to consult a registered dietitian. You can find one through the American Dietetic Associations website here.

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Hi Rhonda,
Vitamin B-12 can also be found in shellfish, fish, eggs, and dairy products. If you are not eating beef, pork or chicken you can still get plenty of vitamin B-12 from the other sources I listed. Additionally, vitamin B-12 is stored in your liver for around 6-10 years.