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Gah, Somber! The video for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in chapter 45 was taken down. You might wanna check that out.

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Just saying, at the end of chapter 49, it kind of bothered me how P-21, Scotch, and Glory didn't seem to question the sudden lack of Psychoshy. There's already a sense of closure with Blackjack, Rampage, and Lucanae, but P-21 and the others weren't there for the resolution with Psychoshy. It makes it feel like they didn't really care that Psychoshy was there or that she's gone, or worse, it might make it feel as if she was never even there to begin with. Hoping that'll be addressed in the next chapter, if only to satisfy my need for character bonding/friendships.

All in all, though, 49 was a great chapter. It's nice to see Blackjack enjoying herself again, and to see the others at chapel for the first time in what feels like forever. I'm hoping everyone who left in this chapter has some part in a later chapter, or has some mention, and whatnot. Keeper is totally an awesome grandpa, by the way.

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THE ANTHOLOGY! I didn't watch it until I got through watching season one, but watching it all together in one thirty minute long compilation... It was so intense. Like, I pony'd, everywhere.

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Guh! Aldrovanda! I want to hate her, but I also want to like her! Why can't I hold all this character?

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More like, ready for more Applejack!

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Wow, this is actually a REALLY interesting story. A world where everything's like an action movie, and the peacefulness of equestria is only something in storybooks. I like it!

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Seems legit

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Oh dear god this story was hilarious. It really reminded me of an older shipping fic of Lyra and Bonbon called Happily Ever After. The shipping related content was good, but what really made it shine was how the author took the time to develop these amazing, compelling characters. Even those not being shipped, like Carrot Top and Berry Punch, still had distinct personalities.
You kept Rainbow Dash and Pinkie so in character, then you made such strong character dynamics for Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth, I loved it the whole time reading!

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I'm sorry, I lied, this is some pretty deep shit, man.

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Oh my god, the thing that bothers me to read more than an outright sad story is one that isn't! The sadness didn't come from a tragic event tearing down Fancypants and Fleur, but from this looming sense of ennui and inevitability in their day to day activity. I really did feel while reading this story. 5 stars~