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Thought I'd throw out a Pokemon request on the off chance anyone here can help me out, but no worries if not.

Would anyone be willing to trade a Shinx and a Ralts to my copy of Pokemon Black, which I have only found out now is sorely lacking in some of my favourite 'mons?

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I'm replying to this comment instead of the other one so you can edit, but you may want to rot13 the part about (safe for you) bgure crbcyr va gurve tebhc orvat noyr gb ghea vagb Gvgnaf, as that's a manga spoiler and the anime hasn't actually caught up to that part yet.

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Apparently there are mods for fem!Shep and Ashley, and supposedly if you romance her as a female it will carry over fully implemented into the third game (nffhzvat fur qbrfa'g qvr)? These are just rumours I've heard, though.

As for Samara, (ME3 spoilers) V oryvrir fur vf n ivnoyr ebznapr bcgvba va ZR3 vs lbh gevrq gb ebznapr ure va ZR2 naq fur ghearq lbh qbja, sbe cynlref bs nal traqre.

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Ooh, and I meant to ask that last night but forgot! Let's have a MAL party, shall we?

http://myanimelist.net/animelist/takanobaka is mine, though it is rather woeful compared to some, I know. (My rating score is a bit skewed in that '10' doesn't mean 'perfect', but 'close to perfect' or 'only a few flaws'... though I'll admit my personal enjoyment skews the scale as well!

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Pfft, well, whatever works! That's not much of an option for me, though, being a year under the drinking age in my province and not one inclined towards alcohol anyway.

(And most of the time I can't even look at gore, though my tolerance for it ups significantly, though not completely by a long shot, if it's animated, which is how I could get through Baccano! without too many hiccups).

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Ouch, yeah, I haven't even touched Hannibal. There's a part of me that's curious, but the premise is such a huge NOPE NOPE NOPE for me that I'm not sure if I'll ever watch it. Look at how long it took me to (warily) approach Supernatural, and that's with (expectation spoilers) gur inthr ubcr onfrq ba bguref' pbzzragf gung nsgre gur svefg frnfba be fb vg fgnegf gb unir yrff bs n ubeebe naq zbafgref sbphf naq zber bs sbphf ba punenpgref, qrzbaf, naq natryf. V unir frra n frnfba... 6? rcvfbqr gung jnf ba GI bapr jura bhe vagrearg jnf bhg naq gung unq abguvat va vg gung V pbhyqa'g unaqyr, fb V'z ubcvat V'z evtug.

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How to watch Supernatural when you are squeamish with gore and don't like horror: play Pokemon at the same time. You can switch your focus if it gets to be too much, the cheeriness helps take the edge off the horror, and the DS/3DS is very good for blocking your view of the screen should the need arise (like for example if in S01E06 funcrfuvsgre!Qrna qrpvqrf gb TBEVYL GRNE UVF FXVA BSS, AB GUNAX LBH).

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Exactly my policy, really. If there's any chance it could backfire and actually be real, stay far far away in the first place.

I don't really understand the mindset, but then I've never been one for horror (I'm watching Supernatural, and have watched things like Dollhouse or played things like Ib, much more despite the horror than for it), but still, can't you get your kicks from watching a horror movie or playing a not-potentially-harmful horror game, or something? I can never make up my mind as to whether these things are real or not, but I'll admit I believe in the potential, and as such would never take a risk with something like that.

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I thought that I was the only one! Really, as another Designated Anime Nerd who's seen a good amount, I haven't seen many of the classics or "must-sees": Bebop and Escaflowne are really the only two classics I've seen, and I didn't... love them, to put it delicately. They were interesting watches, but something didn't really click with me about them; it is nice to have watched them, though, if only to have watched them.

Anyway, this means that I haven't seen Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Utena, Akira, Gundam anything, or even all of the Miyazaki movies (no, not even the favourites like Laputa), the latter of which is something even I can't forgive myself for. (I never watched Pokemon or Cardcaptor Sakura as a kid, either, and I've only seen a few very scattered episodes of the former, though count me as sidelines fan of Team Rocket and a recent player of but still mostly newbie to the games). I am planning to recity the first four on that list at some point on my Master List of Things to Watch, though I am holding off on Eva as I'm a bit worried that certain... aspects... of its themes and storyline will be an issue for me in the mental health area I am now.

Anyway, this was long and off-topic, but let me express solidarity in being an anime nerd who has barely seen any of the 'required/classic anime'!

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A haiku about Supernatural S01E05

Jul, bu jul, bu jul
Vf rlr tber rira n guvat
Pbirevat zl snpr

Nyfb, V qba'g trg
Jul crbcyr jbhyq cynl gur tnzr.
Qba'g fnl Oybbql Z.

(in all seriousness: the show is interesting and I'm sticking with it: horror is not at all my thing but mythology and sibling interactions certainly are)