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Distrust of the government is the only thing that will save us.... One day soon I predict.

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Pissing off the Catholics, the largest religious group in America, is the easiest way for Obama to lose 2012 election. This attack on religious freedom won't stand anyways, and it makes him look bad. I'm glad Obama hasn't changed his mind on this because he needs to go! Anyone except Obama 2012.

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Obama is walking all over the constitution, you really think a little signed agreement is going to stop him from doing anything? He's going to bypass congress and the courts to pass his radical policy and agenda. He should be impeached and sent to jail for treason.

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Oh boy it will be nice when republicans take over the senate next year. Then some stuff might actually get done. Nearly every bill the house has passed has been blocked by dirty harry and the rest of the democrats. This one will be no different.

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Ha Ha! Good thing sheriff Joe was speaking or he would have arrested you and made you wear pink underwear in tent city!

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Oh she's gonna be a hero to the liberal scum of the earth and she'll get plenty for this. The same way the unions and all of Obama's other supporters got kickbacks. Makes me sick!

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I'm surprised one of these occupy jackasses hasn't got themselves shot already.

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Obama's pledge = One nation, indivisible. A true American's pledge goes a little more like this = One nation, under GOD, indivisible

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Never. The liar and chief has screwed the American people again. For what, like the hundredth time?