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Sotomizer is a member of la raza. Their motto is "all for the race,none for the rest" Not a joke. I'm sorry did I misspell her name again.

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Everyone on that property should go out and get a USMC sticker for their car. Or any other branch they may support. In fact maybe someone should go and plaster the whole property with pro American stickers. He needs to fly a great big Gadsden flag. Semper Fi

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Pelosi is a shining example of exactly what is wrong with Washington. She is exactly what the American public needs to see. How can her actions possibly be defended? I love how the dems just had to try one more mud toss to the Bush admin and slipped and fell face first into it. Its very telling for the "leaders" of this great nation to be wound up in beating down policies that have kept us safe since 911. It really makes you wonder if we have friend or foe in leadership positions . Please never forget that you are an American Period. You should be spending as much time emailng gov officials as you spend here. Let others know it is there duty, yes duty to be engaged. A man void of freedom is a man already deceased.

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Progressive democrats and republicans believe that the general American public have no intelligence.They think If you don't have an ivy league education you couldn't possibly get through life without the federal governments help. I believe that if the general public is guilty of anything its indifference. That is slowly beginning to change. Look at what individual states are doing to oppose fed laws. This should be a splash of ice water to the face of idle people. As far as pelosi..... You can only polish a turd so much. She has clearly run out of polish. God,Guns,Garden veggies

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The census thing is very troubling. I'm starting to think that people are never going to put the pieces together. There have been so many news worthy scandals,Gaffs,etc.... What will it take for the rest of our country to start scratching their head in bewilderment. My wife is a liberal but i don't think she even knows why. If we talk politics we fight,so I got her to agree to do a one for one reading routine. I will read one of hers and she will read one of mine. I hope she comes around after reading the books suggested on this site. Wish me luck!

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Can someone help me? I was in an arguement today and I need a way to prove that the majority of college professors are liberal. Although I am quite sure this is the case my opponent wanted my source of information other than talk radio or Fox. I dont like to be stumped like that and any help would be appreciated.Thanks

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It would be better if we could somehow just get a list of their sponsors so they dont get ratings from 912ers. Just a thought.

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Yeah, that Marsh mouse needs his own poster. He could be in a nice suit with a specticle,Flippin a big gold coin. I wonder how many jobs that created? At least the guy running the money press at the fed got some overtime. How do these crooks sleep at night?

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I found the smile on BO to be disturbing when he shook hands with Chavez. He looked as if he were meeting someone he looked up to. I guess the do both like to bash the U.S. I hope every one is sending e-mails and calling congressmen and senetors to get Napolitano fired. Theres a good political cartoon of her on getliberty.org website. Proud to be an extremists if its under her guidelines.

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Yup, I think we can all agree that Napolitano is herself a "Man caused disaster." Theres nothing like Throwing gas on a spark. I e- mailed both senators in regards to getting her hairy butt fired. Ive got a strange feeling that there are alot more angry vets now she put out that garbage. We cant call Islamic extremists terrorists but we can use the "T" word in regards to U.S. vets and citizens? Its time for Janet "Sasquatch" Napolitano to hit the bricks!