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Lucky. I went home recently to find my NES, GameBoy, and Sega GameGear all missing. My parents say they don't know where they are (or they're possibly somewhere in the basement), but I suspect they sold them in a garage sale a few years ago... :(

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The Car Talk show on NPR (RIP Tom Magliozzi) had a bit on there where Tom let his son in on a little secret: B's are okay. A's are great. But B's are fine.

His son's whole outlook changed, and suddenly he was easily achieving B's, where before he was killing himself to get A's.

For 90% of students, B's are just fine.

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Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite. 35mph feels like 75mph.

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This is awesome. I'd totally take that to the track every chance possible.

What I always wonder when reading about a "conversion" like this is -- what happened to the original, well, everything. You state they basically only used the engine, transmission and VIN from the original, so somewhere in Japan, at one point in time, there was a 308 GTS sitting around, no VIN, no engine and no transmission. But, presumably, everything else was intact.

I like to think that the donor car was sold off, illegally and under the table, to someone from The Mid Night Club, who immediately put in a 1000+hp motor in it for blasting down the Wangan.

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This was exactly my thought -- it'd make a great RV.

But I tend to think that about many vehicles...

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I submit that this is, in fact, how you properly drive a 288 GTO. Remember, these were the homologation specials to qualify the 288 GTO for Group B rally eligibility with the FIA. The fact that the FIA killed off Group B before the 288 GTO could be entered does nothing to diminish the fact that these cars were specifically designed to be driven like mad down small, tree-lined roads and down muddy trails.

Hence, proper.

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That's not a Gorg!

THIS is a Gorg:

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My dad ran across a '95-ish Nissan 200SX SE-R that was in a field. The owner of the field said it belonged to his former daughter-in-law. He had the owner of the field contact the girl who owned it, who didn't realize it was still sitting out there. I think he got it for $50 or $100 from her.

Now, it's not a particularly desirable car, but we were running '91 & '92 Sentra SE-Rs in rally at the time, so the parts came in handy.

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GLaDOS would likely win, mainly because HAL isn't "evil" per se. He doesn't set out to be malicious, he simply looks at the big picture -- and ONLY the big picture -- when making decisions. That can have "evil-like" effects for those smaller-picture items, such as humans.

Let me put it this way -- under normal operating conditions, HAL would work without creating problems for anyone. Can we say that about GLaDOS?

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Except it's missing a bunch. Well, maybe missing is too strong a word -- everywhere else I've seen this today (though thankfully not here!) it's touted as "ALL the starships from TV/movies", which it clearly isn't.

I still think they should have included the Cygnus and Palomino from The Black Hole.