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no, Tangena's case was never solved.

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Are you going to cover Ellison's trial that is in it's second week? Jamesha deserves a voice.

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Yes, and the judge made a great ruling short of sentencing him to death for the vile acts he was found guilty of committing. As far as my opinions being expressed in this factual article are concerned, I am entitled to express them here. Although I wrote this article filled with facts, the FACT still remains I am a blogger, not a journalist; therefore, I do not have to adhere to the standards of that profession. You, on the other hand, are only allowed to have your comment remain here because I am choosing to not hit the delete button.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you continue to remain a concerned reader.

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I don't believe race was an issue in Christopher's rape and murder. By the way, Christopher is biracial, he is Hispanic and Black.

The Edenfields are just evil, opportunistic pigs. They are white trash. I am white so don't think I am saying this because I am black or hispanic. Anyway, I feel so bad for Christopher and what he had to endure in his last few hours on this earth.

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Hi, I guess you didn't see the update. Damien was found safe on July 10, 2009.

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While I with the sadness of this case, I am curious about where you got the details of her assault. I have not read anything that indicated the details of Sandra's attack. In fact, the judge put all documents, including the autopsy report under seal.

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You live across the bridge in Beacon. How can Marc be your best friend? He is only 4 and you sound much older than he.

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That certainly is an interesting theory until you begin to speak of forced sterilization and including persons who are seeking public assistance as well.

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I am still confused about the reason why Marc was still in the custody of his mother after the incident with the burning of his hands while in the care of Cory Byrd. While the father looks very upset about what may have happened to his son, I too wonder why he did not have his son in his care. Maybe the court ruled against him. The mother is still using her married last name so maybe they are not yet divorced and are still working out the custody arrangements. Most likely if this turns out badly for Marc then authorities will move forward in charging his mother as well for not protecting him from Byrd.

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Hi Chasity,

I really don't understand the mother's actions either. I recently read that she has returned to her native country. Last week Hussain's trial on the 3rd degree sex offense regarding the teen-age girlfriend ended in a mistrial on the first day. The judge had ruled that any reference to Tangena's disappearance could not be mentioned in front of the jury because it may influence their decision on this case. Well, the first witness to take the stand was an FBI agent who had worked on the case regarding Tangena's disappearance. When asked how he happened to get involved he mentioned Tangena's disappearance and the judge declared a mistrial. Hussain is now out on bond. I don't know if prosecutors will charge him again for this crime or not.