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Learning that Boyd is the leader of Rossum is like learning that Giles, Xander and David the millionaire are the Senior Partners.

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Bunnies !

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Both Lilya and Illyria tried to imitate Fred for Wesley.

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Daniel Perrin is a doll: Donny, you're out of your element!

Even if I did not make it, I post this image because I love it:

(obviously I couldn't post it before because we can see Madeline)

About the killing scene in the episode of yesterday, I had planed to make a gif for each Mark's reaction when a character of the Angel-team is killed,
just like I did for the last scene of "Lessons" (Buffy 7x01).

I didn't do it because, most of the scene, Mark was like this:

As if Illyria had frozen him.

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I wonder how people would have reacted if the show had finished like this.

Lorne is really bad at undercover work. When was the last time I saw something like this ?

But that's not a reason to call Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan a "demon clown".

By the way, the Mutari generator looks badass.

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The list of female characters in the Buffyverse that have kicked Spike's ass is getting longer.

HAMILTON: "Let's be clear about this. Things run differently now. I'm not a little girl. You and I won't be making love on this couch any time soon."

SPIKE: "We're off to a bit of a rough start, but don't worry. I'll break her."
WESLEY: "She's not a horse, Spike."

SAHJAHN: "Thank you, mortal, for releasing me from my cursed prison. In gratitude, I grant you 3 wishes."
CONNOR: "Really?"
SAHJAHN: "Nah. I'm just messing with you."

JRFYRL: "Trg zr rirelguvat lbh pna svaq ba Plihf Invy."

Jryy, ur'f gur bar gung jvyy xvyy lbh.

I wonder if Vale and the monks went to the same "How to alternate reality" school.

CONNOR: "I guess I've always had a thing for older women."
ANGEL: "They were supposed to fix that."

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Spike killed Wesley's wife in "Conversation with dead people" !

By the ways, in an election, bewteen Daniel Perrin and Richard Wilkins III, who would you vote for ?

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Fred, you did not have to do this to your hair. Wesley is not Scott Pilgrim: he would never leave you for Ramona Flowers.

If there was a video game based on AtS, playing as Illyria would be the Easy Mode. Well, more like a God Mode. Gur Rnfl Zbqr jbhyq or nsgre Gvzr obzo.

This is something that I had written in rot13 a few seasons ago:

Regarding the episode "Grave", something could have been interesting:

Instead of talking about a demon/goddess we've never heard before and we will never see again, Dark Willow's purpose could have been bringing back Illirya. Therefore, without knowing, Willow would have triggered the teleportation of Illirya's sarcophagus and it would have stayed in quarantine until Ats Season 5 and Gunn's signature.

The responsability of Willow in Fred's death would have been ironic considering the Scoobies don't (want to ?) help Angel and his team on this issue.

We need a fanfic of this!

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"Vg’f whfg fb avpr gb frr gurz unccl sbe bapr, naq…guvf vf tbvat gb trg ehvarq, vfa’g vg? Ubj ybat hagvy guvf tbrf gb fuvg, thlf?"

Bar rcvfbqr.

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SPIKE: "You're a—"
SPIKE: "You're a bloody puppet!"

PUPPET ANGEL: "What are you people looking at? Well?"
SPIKE: "They're looking at the wee, little puppet man."

PUPPET ANGEL: "And Spike needs a car."
SPIKE: "You heard the puppet."

Lots of funny gifs can be made from this episode. To my mind the cutest moment is the "detachable nose" part:

After two years, Wesley and Fred are finally together.Jung pbhyq cbffvoyl tb jebat ?