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Nice to see the ole' Redlegs get some cred! King of Battle indeed!!!!

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Alex Jones much?

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Good work Camilla. It's great to hear that the Danes are out in the field alongside us. I'm glad there are journalists out there such as yourself reporting the great things that these men and women do. And of course a huge thanks to the troops, US especially but also to all our allies. Keep your heads down!

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Can't wait for this one---Judge is very good at what he does and this seems to be a winner.

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I don't have a problem with capitalism, but I do have a problem with AIG/Goldman Sachs and the like lining their pockets with MY tax dollars. The fact that Wall St. continues to place it's best and brightest in the highest offices of BOTH parties is evidence that money doesn't know partisanship. They continue to protect their interests regardless of who holds the White House. I don't like Michael Moore but if he can shed some more light on these people and their endless greed/profiteering then I'm all for it. These big investment houses are the primary reason our economy is effed right now, and the damage was done over a period when both parties occupied the White House, starting with Clinton and going through Bush into Obama presently. If you think this is strictly a partisan issue, then you're sadly mistaken. Hopefully Moore won't come at it from a hard left perspective(wishful thinking perhaps) and turn it into a right-bashing affair.

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MSNBC is a joke---Let the "Uncle Tom" comments begin...

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old people rock

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I'm not railing against christians. I'm merely contrasting what Prelutsky said. There is a lot of BS in the Koran. But the fact is that a vast, vast majority of muslims adhere to the more peaceful teachings contained within that book. When you paint all of those people(muslims) with a broad brush you're being ignorant. Ever heard of Morocco? Ever been to Turkey?? I have. What about the revolutionaries in Iran currently?Are they evil jihadis?. My dad did time in Turkey while in the Air Force and you could literally leave your door unlocked whenever you left because it's so safe there. There's almost no place left like that in the US, and I grew up primarily in small town America. The fact is that the wahhabis sect is the one primarily waging this Jihad you refer to. Not run-of-the-mill muslims who are simply way to busy trying to scrape together a meager existence. Life in Iraq,with few exceptions, is trying to feed your family in any way possible. Much of the insurgency was funded with wahhabist/Al-Qaeda $$$ and soldiered by men who needed money to survive, even if they didn't believe(and most didn't) in the jihadi BS their cowardly leaders espoused. The same fighters are being funded in Af-Pak now by the opium trade. Sharia is indeed evil. But it's NOT a populist movement. It's a movement guided by fear, fear of some guy murdering your whole family if you try to send your daughter to school. In short, it's the leadership and their hard-core followers, which happen to be a small minority even in countries like Afgh/Pak/Egypt/Syria-etc. The regular local populations of these countries are powerless because the corrupt,extreme leadership has all the guns and all the money. They stay in power by ruling over despotic regimes that don't allow anybody to get educated or succeed at anything other than staying alive. So while you're reading Star wars comic books and cherry picking verses out of the Koran, regular Muslims are being slaughtered and herded, tortured and beaten by the powers that be in their respective countries. This is what America is fighting, not Islam in general. Right wing nut-jobs like you merely make this fight harder.

As for watching some show on TV, I don't watch crappy leftist CNN. Nor do I watch any of the other drivel that appears in the mainstream media. America is the greatest place on earth, I know because I've seen and lived other parts of it. But I also know that extremism rears its ugly head in many forms, and that includes arrogant ignorance, of the same kind you've read in this piece and the same kind you display when attacking what I said.

Card check(terrible), Cap & tax(terrible), Obamacare(terrible), are left wing theories on improving our nation which happen to be hair-brained at best. None of these bills have cleared both houses yet and probably never will in their current forms.These theories ARE NOT comparable to beheadings, mass executions, and other atrocities/extremism of the sort. We the people still have the power to vote these d-bags out of office and tell them what we feel, as is happening in town halls every day. I've pulled body pieces out of the Tigris river. I've watched as women and children have been SCRAPED off the ground with shovels after car-bomb blasts. There is NO effing comparison. NONE. What a vast majority of the muslims in the world do not have are those very rights I described before. They are held in the iron grip of despotism, ignorance, and the extremism of a very few. That's reality, and the sooner you figure this out the better we'll all be.

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-sigh- Articles like this make we want to quit reading Big Hollywood. I'm an Iraq war vet who fought in Diyala province in Iraq. This tool(the author) has sat on his ass in the San Fernando valley or the LA area pretty much his whole life doing absolutely 0 for his country while making big $$$$, and apparently is ready to launch the entire muslim population into outer space. This is the exact kind of far-right wing ideology this country can no longer afford. Yes, Muslims are different. Yes, they have their own wacko element. But a majority of the Iraqis I met in Diyala were indeed peace loving people who only wanted to be left alone. As for his reference to the rape of the girl, I seem to recall the white guys who dragged a black guy behind a truck in Texas identifying themselves as "christians". The point, people, is that every religion has it's extremist elements that do abhorrent things. Muslim extremism is under the largest microscope on earth since 9/11. How many good stories do you see about peaceful muslims? Few to none. You fat, lazy, do-nothing americans who watch T.V. all day are being propagandized by people exactly like Prelutsky who has probably never had a substantive conversation with a Muslim in his life. He makes his mind up based off of what he sees and hears in the media without doing much in the way of research.

I dislike Obama and (most of) the left as much as anyone, but the comparisons in this piece make me want to throw up. In our insulated little existence(the USA) we tend to be afraid of and attack anything we don't understand. Muslims are just another example. Liberals are more dangerous than Hezbollah and Al Qaeda?? WOW. I was in firefights in Baquba against elements of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and don't recall seeing Henry Waxmans loony a$$ firing an AK back at me. Nor did I bump into Pelotox burying 155mm rounds next to bridges. Extremism goes both ways people, and Prelutskys terrible effort here gets filed right into the, "wacky,angry old man, right-wing nutjob" category that sits right next to my, "tree-hugging, socialist, dirty, self-hating, young hipster" category. They are one in the same as far as I'm concerned.

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please, backtracking now makes it even funnier. And sad.