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Y-yes, it is sex that is the problem with grown-up adults living in these tiny houses, absolutely

*furiously erases "FARTS--WHERE DO THEY GO??" from the "minuses" column of my tiny house plus/minus list*

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This Song Is Definitely Not About Drugs (Wink, Wink)

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I'm so happy that I got on the Columbo train last week. He really *does* say "Just one more thing..." a lot!

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Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Fortune Cookies. Pretty standard stuff, really.

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Now I just want an entire Dirtbag Theogony!

Muse 1: Merebelliessaywhat?
Hesiod: Wh-what?
*Muses snicker, skateboard away*

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"Every day, from across the classroom, I saw my peers agreeing upon social cues and communal behaviors which remained alien to me."

God friggin' DAMN did this speak to me. I'm somewhere on the spectrum, as are several members of my family. I have SO MANY memories of being a child and thinking "where did these people learn this stuff? am i MISSING BASIC HUMAN INSTINCTS?!"

Here's to making it through, for whatever values of 'making it' and 'through' apply.

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This is amazing!

I will only add: am I the only one who friggin' LOVES Ms Fisher's Murder Mysteries but couldn't give two pavlovas (cause they're australian, see) about Phryne and Jack getting together? Phryne rules, Jack is boring af, Hugo+Dot (Dugo?) are the best.

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"I mean, you _can_, I guess--it's a free country or whatever--I'm just saying I wouldn't, if I were you, is all. But I have a doctorate in Theology and I'm stuck making minimum wage--plus benefits, but still--telling people not to go through doors, so what do I know?"

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I read once (maybe Heaney??) that 'hwaet' is actually closer to "So,...", which I choose to believe because it makes Dark-Age bards sound more like teenage girls.

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As an ex-Classicist, this makes me tristis.