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It appears to be an SSME, or Space Shuttle Main Engine, which is a liquid-fuel cryogenic rocket engine, built by Pratt and Whitney...

: - )

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This is less about the teen herself, more about the possibilities of other serious errors commited by the DMV. Remember, this state gives licenses to illegals and also uses a simple box check to give you the right to vote...

I am glad this young lady and her family spoke up. Time to get Susannah Frame and the King5 investigators on it, since we know KOMO doesn't spend much time worrying about the antics of state government.

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Guess she's bucking for a job in the private sector after she sheds her queendom? Competition could only be described as such on paper, since Boeing already buys components from EADs, but it does seem like a slap in the face to such a large, local (yes, I still consider Boeing ours) company. Of course, one will have to wonder how much Boeing talent would jump ship to go to work for Airbus...the way the company is being run right now, I might speculate, quite a bit...sad...

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This is why taxpayers should NEVER finance sports stadiums...let the millionaire clubs and owners do it!

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I have always loved "The Lion in Winter"...Katherine Hepburn's portrayal of the ever staunch Elenor of Aquitane, opposite his stunning King Henry, was magnificant.

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Yeah, I think it's a sconce w/ a shade, but it looks like those stone faces on Easter Island...

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I agree. And because so many homes are moving away from landlines (which I think is a mistake) to only using cellphones, there really needs to be a way for a child to communicate this. Even if it's just a placard hanging on the fridge that they can read the number off to a dispatcher from.

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In a highly unusual move, the FBI set up the safety net. The bureau brought in a private company to install two clean Internet servers to take over for the malicious servers so that people would not suddenly lose their Internet.

The FBI arranged for a private company to run a website - www.dcwg.org - as a place where computer users could go to see if their computer was infected and find links to other computer security business sites where they could find fixes for the problem.

And what happens when these sites want to charge you for their services? Who do people send the bill to? Isn't it just like the feds to bandaid and bandaid and bandaid, without ever fixing the problem...Amazing...

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How very sad. I never really thought about carrying ID when I'm out walking...but I sure will think of something now. The dog tag idea is a great one...or even just a clip on carabiner or something...

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Depends on what you're applying for.