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i just read your newest comment karan,you don't sound too professional to me,cause your comments are like coming from a sewer,very un-educated for someone with "CLASS",and very unethical,i think you are too absorbed by what you are and what you have,are you familiar with the parable in the bible about the rich man,who is so proud of himself and his wealth,that he tore down his storehouses and made bigger ones,but then GOD said "Unreasonable one, this night they are demanding your soul from you. Who, then, is to have the things you stored up?’”...
un humbly you said that you THANKED yourself everyday for all that you have BUT without GOD you wont have anything at all.

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i read along the story and the comments of everyone,i have a fiance from the same place,he was older by 12 yrs,my x is older by 17yrs,so it is not about age why men & women fall in love,and its not fair to judge the whole filipino people about the nature of their interest in coming to the US,granted that some risk their lives just to give better lives for their family back in the philippines,but other's like me,i dont need any country perse to sustain me,i live comfortably in my place,it just so happen that my fiance lives in the US,but either way if he lives somewhere else i will still marry him,cause i love him..though internet dating can be risky,we humans are given the knowledge to discern what's good & bad,and since we are imperfect we can make poor judgement or choices,like with scott,he might just want it to be something romantic and memorable for the bride to be,but he should have been more cautious,cause he know how their seas are compared to what the girl knows,im sure he loves her,and his not stupid having to spend much money and time developing feelings for her,and planned to kill her before the wedding,even if he gets an insurance for her which i doubt,claiming insurance wont be that easy,after all she is just his fiancee at the time,insurance wont pay if there's foul play,if let say they're married,it will still take time before a partner could plot for someone to murder,cause the relationship is still not founded strong,and the motive of killing the spouse will be too obvious if it is done shortly..
accidents can happen everywhere,at anytime,thats why its called accident..and i agree to those who say that grieving can be different on how each one of us react,so dont judge the guy,to the family of the girl,if you have felt that the guy is not right for her,im sure you have tried to persuade her not to go,but like all people who are in-love we will go on to what we feel,cause we know that is the right thing to do..the picture does'nt show much of the story,since the girl might have live in a rural area,and by the wooden couch they sat i can judge that they're not rich,but not too poor as some think she was..most women who live in the rural are very timid on showing their affection even if they're relationship has been on forever,my mom whose been married to my dad for many years have not even kissed him in public,i on the other hand was not like that,i lov showing affection to my fiancee,and so he does the same,and i dont care if my mom would have to hit me with a broom for acting that way when his around LOL..anyway i think the family is reserved that's why she was'nt too close,and besides?who knows when that picture was taken?maybe it was the very first day they set eyes on each other..and she's shy..

so i feel sorry for both parties cause both have loss here..

TO KARAN: im sorry im not sure of your name
i feel you're so upset about the situation,i guess maybe you have been cheated by your filipina partner,or something..yes she could be a bitch,and it just so happen that she is a filipina..and for sure you'd be freaking mad as well if your x happens to be of your same country..so get over it..try to work out your way to be a better person so you wont be dumped again.