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where did you get your pizza stone, by the way? I've been wanting to buy one, but can never seem to find one where I'm looking.

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I'll give it a try and let you know!

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Yum - those kale chips are an awesome idea. Do you think it would work for collard greens? We have tons of collard greens ready for picking in our home garden, but we have CSA greens coming out the yin yang right now too so I'm trying to figure out how to use them all.

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Man, I feel your pain. Our gas/electric bill (we have gas heat and hot water) last month was $650! We were shocked! It turned out to be an estimate so they estimated a little high, but it was still over $500. Needless to say we have programmed our thermostats much lower and are bundling up. I'm always a big light turner outer because my dad was a nazi about it when we were kids - now I understand why! Hope your plans work!

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You know I've heard that gluten and lactose are both things that a lot of people are at least mildy allergic to or can't digest well but they aren't even aware of it. Thank goodness for all the good gluten free products out there now! And thank goodness you live in a granola area with plenty of gluten free stuff too :) Hope you guys are all feeling better and that you're making progress with the weaning.

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Yum - thanks for the recipe. We love kale! Glad you guys are back - I've been waiting impatiently :) Hope all's well and your absence didn't have anything to do with your prior bad luck streak . . .

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That's a good find - it's a real pain to recycle that kind of stuff here. And to top it off even the people at Goodwill and the Salvation Army are jerks when you try to donate conventional stuff to them. I need to move back to drive-thru America!

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I just read about a sustainable living fair in September in Fort Collins - sounds pretty cool. Are you guys thinking about going? http://www.sustainablelivingassociation.org/

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To really get out of the city, we probably have to drive at least an hour and half. Lame! Hopefully when we buy a house it'll be much closer to nature!

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Oh man, poor Jake, and even poorer you guys! Min and I can sympathize though - Leah's got all kinds of crap going on seemingly all the time! The pics are beautiful - I really miss nature living in the city. We need to start getting out into nature more on the weekends.